Ciara & Russell Wilson Abstaining From Sex Is A ‘Spiritual Thing’ [VIDEO]

Russell Wilson, Ciara

Russell Wilson, Ciara

In a recent interview on The Meredith Vieira Show, Ciara opens up about her and Russell Wilson’s decision to stay celibate, and how she hopes this will bring them closer together. While this isn’t necessarily new news, the pair seemed to be going strong and continue to discuss openly about their decision. In fact, Ciara says that the decision to abstain from sex was collective,

It was really a team work effort. He was also a leader in the process….It was just a very organic thing for us.

Cici also credits her relationship with God.

You know what, honestly, it’s a spiritual thing for us. Our love for God, our love for one another and just really wanted to know each other, and grow each other …. if you really truly have a friendship, you can kinda conquer every thing in your relationship. So that’s our goal and we both have that same ideology about it so it’s pretty cool

When asked if it’s hard to abstain, she laughs:

Yes, very hard.


Authored by: TJB Writer