Bhad Bhabie Says She Made $50 Million From OnlyFans

Bhad Bhabie

Bhad Bhabie Says She Made $50 Million From OnlyFans

Bhad Bhabie claims to have hit millionaire status at least fifty times from her OnlyFans account.

The internet personality recently celebrated her birthday on March 26, turning 19. Seems like Bhad Bhabie’s birthday isn’t the only accomplishment being celebrated, as she revealed she cashed in a great deal of money for posting vulgar content as a now legal adult.

On Wednesday (April 20), Bhad Bhabie took to Instagram Live to vent about how she’s labeled, including her “cash me ousside girl” nickname since being in the spotlight at 13. The free-spoken teenager also revealed she racked in $50 million from OnlyFans, a subscription-based social media platform where users can sell and/or purchase original content. She said,

“No, it’s not something that I’m just, ‘Oh yes, I’m so in love with being the girl that got famous for being on Dr. Phil and saying some crazy sh*t. No, that’s not how I feel. So, of course I’d rather… Call me the youngest female of the decade to go platinum. Call me some sh*t like that. Like, there’s way more things. Call me the f*cking “Gucci Flip Flops” girl, the “Hi B*ch” girl, the girl who got a million-dollar make-up deal, the girl who made over $50 million on f*cking Only[Fans]. Call me whatever the f*ck you want. But when you try to find a way to just be annoying about something, sh*ts kinda weird. You don’t get what I mean?”

As previously reported, Bhad Bhabie, born Danielle Bregoli, allegedly made over $1 million on OnlyFans in 6 hours last year shortly after announcing her profile. For anyone skeptical of her claims, the aspiring rapper purchased a $6.1 million Florida mansion in cash from NFL linebacker Jean Pierre-Paul. The home includes seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms based in a gated community in Palm Beach County. The house also has walk-in closets and a jacuzzi patio. The property includes a five-car garage and two-story guesthouse on a full acre of land.

Bhad Bhabie first became known after making her viral appearance on “Dr. Phil” in September 2016 at age 13. During the show, she uttered the now-known phrase, “Cash me ousside, how bout dah?”, which became a viral video meme and catchphrase.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely