Wendy Williams Talks Parenting Teenage Son & Experiencing Two Miscarriages

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Wendy Williams is covering the latest issue of New York Family magazine. Check out a few excerpts.

If she has any dream celebrity guests and who has been some favorite guests on the show:

I’ll put it this way: Since having the talk show and meeting more celebrities than I did when I was in my radio career, a lot of the people who you think are going to be fantabulous are absolute disappointments. So I would rather keep them on that side and think that they’re fantabulous. But, with that said, I did get to meet one of my heroes: Judge Judy! She was one guest where I was like: “What am I going to wear? How am I going to sit? How am I going to act? Don’t put too much makeup on me! Sit up straight! Don’t act dumb, because beauty fades but stupid is forever—that’s her phrase!” And Judge Judy brought her husband, Jerry, and he sat in the front row and it turns out that Jerry watches our show every day when he’s on the treadmill. Judge Judy and I got along fabulously!


How she gets pumped up before the show:

We have what I call “the glamour suite”—hair, makeup, wardrobe, and then my separate room—and the glamour suite is right behind the stage on the same floor, so as soon as [the DJ] starts that music, it’s like: “Okay! Here we go!” But, you know what really gets me pumped up to do the show? No lie…there are people who go to their jobs every day and don’t like them, or maybe they find their jobs fabulous but they don’t make enough money, or maybe they make a lot of money but they don’t enjoy what they do, or maybe they only do what they do because their parents pushed them into it… So what gets me pumped is being grateful.


Authored by: Kellie Williams