Malcolm-Jamal Warner talks Bill Cosby: “I’m neither defending him nor throwing him under the bus”

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Malcolm-Jamal Warner is taking part in the case that fascinated America in “American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson.” This week, he promoted the series on “Extra”, discussing how he played O.J.’s best friend and infamous Bronco driver Al Cowlings. He also opened up about his former TV dad Bill Cosby, who has been dominating news headlines over the sexual allegation cases against him. Malcolm, who spent eight seasons on “The Cosby Show”, shared that he is still in touch with his TV father,

We’ve always had a good relationship, he’s always been wonderful to me and he’s been really wonderful to a lot of people…It’s not a good situation for anybody for him, his family or the women and their families, it’s just a bad situation all around.

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

Malcolm shared that he is critical of the media coverage surrounding Bill,

I think what was more difficult was to separate the headlines from the headlines, the media paints a certain picture that if you don’t do due diligence and actually spend time looking through the stories that are being told you are just going on what you’re being spoon fed.”

He went on to elaborate,

I’m neither defending him nor throwing him under the bus, I’m looking at the media’s role and how the media forms public opinion.

Malcolm also discussed his role in “American Crime Story”, sharing that he remembers where he was when the actual chase went down,

I was home folding clothes and my mom called me and said, hey you got to turn on the TV and I remember being glued to the TV.

He also explained what it was like to shoot the scenes,

We had to take some kind of dramatic license with obviously only AC and OJ know what went on inside that truck, so we kind of went on what we would all imagine went on, OJ’s back there with a gun to his head and the cops are chasing him.

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Authored by: TJB Writer