George Floyd – Independent Autopsy Shows He Died Of Asphyxia

George Floyd

George Floyd – Independent Autopsy Shows He Died Of Asphyxia

The results from the second autopsy conducted on George Floyd, on behalf of his family, reveals that he was asphyxiated (meaning deprived of air). George Floyd, an unarmed man, passed away during his arrest by Minneapolis Police. While on the ground, one officer was recorded with his knee on Floyd’s neck as he repeatedly stated that he was unable to breathe. The arrest and his death were all caught on tape.

Earlier today (June 1), Floyd’s family attorney, Ben Crump, spoke on his death during a news conference. He said:

“For George Floyd, the ambulance was his hearse. He was living, breathing, talking until we see those officers restrain him while he’s face down in handcuffs with Officer Chauvin having his knee lodged into his neck for over 8 minutes, almost 9 minutes, and the other officer having both his knees lodged into his back […] George died because he needed a breath, a breath of air. And the doctors will explain the significance of that, as to the cause and manner of death.”

Dr. Allecia Wilson, director of autopsy and forensic sciences at the University of Michigan, conducted the second autopsy with renowned physician Dr. Michael Baden. Dr. Wilson spoke on the results of George Floyd’s body examination.

“The evidence is consistent with mechanical asphyxia as the cause of death and homicide as the manner of death.”

Although they are the second to conduct an autopsy on George Floyd, Dr. Wilson and Dr. Baden are standing by their ruling.

“[Although,] we are not seeing the tissues in their original state and some items may have been kept by the original pathologist, we feel those items will not change or alter the primary cause of death of mechanical asphyxia.”

Dr. Baden added:

“[George] had no underlying medical problem that caused or contributed to his death. … He was in good health.”

George Floyd

Based on evidence gathered, Crump believes that Floyd’s death occurred at the scene of his arrest and not later that day at the hospital.

“The medics, based on the EMT report that we have in our possession, performed pulse checks several times finding none and delivered one shock by their monitor, but George’s condition did not change. They delivered him to the hospital, continued ventilation, but that last report was the patient was still pulseless.”

The results of the second autopsy, now, challenge the initial results given to the public, which stated that Floyd’s death was a combination of “possible drugs”, an underlying health condition”, and being restrained.

Crump’s co-counsel, Antonio Romanucci said:

“What we know is clear. George Floyd was alive before his encounter with police, and he was dead after that encounter. We believe there is clear proximity between the excessive use of force and his death.”

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Authored by: Cierra Jones