(EXCLUSIVE) Miami Heat’s Udonis Haslem Settles Lawsuit With Woman Claiming Accident Left Her Disfigured

Udonis Haslem, Faith

Udonis Haslem, wife Faith Rein

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Miami Heat star Udonis Haslem has reached a settlement with the Florida woman who sued the NBA star of being the reason she is now disfigured – following a car accident with his wife – with a confidential deal being signed and the case ending.

Here’s the backstory: A woman named Ana Rodriguez filed a lawsuit against NBA star Udonis Haslem and his wife Faith Rein in Florida Court. She claimed that on May 18th 2013 Faith was driving a Mercedes Benz R350 owned by Udonis. The woman said that Faith was operating her car negligently and caused the Benz to collide into her car.

The accident caused her bodily injury including pain and suffering, disfigurement, mental anguish, loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life, hospitalization, medical and nursing care and the loss of ability to make future income. She also claimed the accident aggravated a previously existing condition.

She claimed the injuries were permanent and it will continue to cause her financial loss in the future. Further, her car was damaged in the crash and she had to endure not having transportation while it was being fixed/replaced. The woman filed sued for in excess of 15k for the crash.

Haslem fired back at the legal battle saying the crash was not caused by his wife and actually the result of unforeseeable acts that Faith did not cause.

Faith Rein

Faith Rein

Further, the NBA star claimed that the woman failed to wear her seat belt while driving which is her own fault not his or his wife. He said that she was not entitled to damages because she has no proof of her bills or injuries. He demanded the entire suit be dismissed and the woman awarded nothing.

Here’s the latest: Udonis returned to court accusing the woman suing him of fraud and saying due to her lying throughout the case and demanded the entire case be thrown out. He said that the woman has engaged in fraudulent tactics and misrepresented her prior medical history and accidents, especially pertaining to injuries she claimed she suffered as a result of the recent accident.

Then on June 14th, docs were filed in the case that explain the NBA star and the woman have reached a settlement in the case. The terms of the deal will remain confidential and all claims against the other will be dismissed once and for all. The agreement states Udonis and the woman reached resolutions of all issues and the matter has been settled.

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Authored by: TJB Writer