[INTERVIEW] Will Packer & Tim Story Explain Why Kevin Hart & Ice Cube Are Perfect For ‘Ride Along’

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It’s only January and 2014 seems to be off to a great start for Will Packer and Tim Story, the producer and director behind the new film, Ride Along, starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. Just a few weeks before the films release, we chatted with both of them about the initial potential they saw for the project, what makes Hart and Cube stand-out in Hollywood (in terms of their craft) and the one question that they’re DYING to ask God . Check out our conversation below.

JasmineBrand: So what were your initial thoughts when you saw the script for the first time?

Will Packer: Tim, when you first saw the script, what did you think?

Tim Story: Well look, when I saw the script I just knew it would be potentially be a hilarious comedy so it was one of those things where we had to kinda put in a few little things to be written more for Cube and Kevin. Kevin’s chemistry – but once we got it there, it was time to go.

Will Packer: When I first saw, I saw opportunity because I had just finished ‘Think Like a Man” with Tim and with Kevin and I hadn’t worked with Cube before yet. So when I first read it, I thought about the idea of bringing that team back together; putting it with Cube in a relatable, grounded buddy action comedy – and I was like, ‘This has a lot of potential.’

JasmineBrand: Okay so, you worked with Cube before right? And you’ve worked with Kevin a number of times? What is it I guess -what is it about those two in terms of their acting skills, in terms of their professional skills that sets them apart from other actors in Hollywood? 

Will Packer: You know for me, it’s the professionalism. They’re both consummate professionals. As fun and silly as Kevin can be and as stoic and serious as Cube can be, they’re really about making sure that it gets done and it gets done right. And that doesn’t matter if you have to shoot all night, or if it’s cold outside – whatever it is, they’re about, “Did we get the take?” “Did we get it right?”. They’re both consummate professionals so as a producer, that’s what I need because I’m always pushing all my talent to give more and more so that Tim can do what he needs to do and it’s great to have guys that are willing to go the extra miles because they’re such professionals.

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JasmineBrand: Okay, so what would you say?

Tim Story: Me? I would say they’re just iconic. With Cube, as soon as you say Cube, you know what that is. There’s the known for being the hard guy this and that, and the straight guy; and then you’ve got Kevin. Kevin’s been around for awhile but although the main audiences are just getting to know him, there’s something which you get with him too. There’s this energy that he brings. I just knew that these two together would just make an awesome combination.

JasmineBrand: If you two were casted in the film, which one would you be?

Tim Story: Wow.

Will Packer: He (Tim) would be Angela. I would be Omar.

Tim Story: What? Omar?! What?!

JasmineBrand: Really?

Will Packer: We’d have our own buddy comedy – there’d definitely be a whole lot of dynamics.

JasmineBrand: So you couldn’t pick – okay.

Tim Story: No, I can’t be funny like Kevin and I can’t be hard like Cube.

Will Packer: Who cared, it’d be different. If we were cast in the movie, it’d be a lot less money.

JasmineBrand: Okay last question, totally off-topic – if you could ask God one question and he’d answer loud and clear, what would it be?

Will Packer: Wow. Am I serving my purpose?

Tim Story: Oh so you’re going to go all deep and stuff like that.

Will Packer: Well what were you going to ask for then – a pair of Yeezys?

Tim Story: I would ask if is Will serving his purpose!

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JasmineBrand: No, what would your question be?

Will Packer: I gotcha, I gave a good answer and now you’re stuck.

Tim Story: Yeah! You gave a good answer.

Will Packer: You’re stuck being the second guy coming after the good answer – what are you going to say?

Tim Story: Thanks Will. I’d ask him what would ‘Ride Along’ do?

Will Packer: That’s all you’ve got for God?

Tim Story: That’s what I’ve got! I’m afraid to ask anything else.

JasmineBrand: Well, thank you. It’s been a pleasure guys.

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