DJ Envy Shot At 3 Times During Attempted Car Jacking [AUDIO]

DJ Envy

DJ Envy

DJ Envy Shot At 3 Times During Attempted Car Jacking

Popular radio personality DJ Envy revealed that he was shot at three times, during an attempted carjacking. He shared the news today on his radio show The Breakfast Club. Yesterday, Envy came under fire for saying that he supports Stop & Frisk.

The stop-question-and-frisk program, or stop-and-frisk, in New York City, is a practice of the New York City Police Department in which police officers stop and question a pedestrian, then frisk them for weapons and other contraband; this is what is known in other places in the United States as the Terry stop. About 685,724 people were stopped in 2011, however, the number of stops has been reduced dramatically since then, to 22,939 in 2015. The vast majority of those stopped were African-American or Latino, a disparity which, according to a 2007 study, persists even after controlling for “precinct variability and race-specific estimates of crime participation.

Today, Envy explained that the reason he supports Stop & Frisk, when done properly, is because last week in NYC, someone shot at his car, hitting his vehicle three times, in attempt to car jack him. The incident happened while he was on his way to work, from New Jersey. A car, appearing to be a police car, pulled up behind him attempting to pull him over. Envy says that the police lights didn’t look official, so he says that he decided NOT to pull over. The car then chased him, hitting the back of his car. He stopped on the highway, driving in reverse. The attempted car jackers got out the car and shot at him in his vehicle.


Here’s a clip of Envy discussing it on the radio.

Envy also posted an Instagram photo of the vehicle.


Envy also further clarified his stance, telling XXL:

At first I didn’t really believe in stop-and-frisk. I thought that it was a violation of the rights of people walking around and just being stopped and frisked for no apparent reason. Then after I said that comment a couple of months ago, I was approached by a couple of people who explained to me what stop-and-frisk was and what it meant to people, and why the police and everybody liked stop-and-frisk. The intention was to target areas that have high crime activity—high crime shootings, high crime assaults, high murders. These are small sections of different areas whether it’s a small section of Newark or a small section of Brooklyn where there’s a lot of crime, a lot of activity and a lot of shootings. Basically, it’s a way to get these guns off the streets.

When I did my research because I was interested in it, I seen that when they were doing it, they were pulling close to 800, 900 guns off the street per year. When they stopped doing it, they pulled 200, 300 guns off the street per year. That’s 700 guns per year that’s just out there. Most of these people out here who are robbers and murderers are not marksmen, they never really hit their intended target. They hit the little girl going to school. They hit the grandmother going to church or they’ll hit the wall and shoot somebody that they don’t even know.

He adds,

So, in my opinion, as somebody who’s been on both sides of the fence—somebody who’s been stopped and frisked before, as somebody who’s been shot at before for a robbery—you gotta get the guns off the street. Last week, somebody tried to car-jack me and shot three holes in my car while [I was] in it. You know that people are not marksmen. That bullet could have missed the fender, hit the windshield and hit me in my head. I got five kids and I’m out there doing what’s right.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams