Cam’ron Says Love & Hip Hop Exploited Him [VIDEO]

Cam'ron Says Love & Hip Hop Exploited Him [VIDEO]

By far the most consistent and successful “Child Of The Corn” (Ma$e being a close second), the de facto leader of New York City’s Diplomats (AKA Dipset) collective has a sense of humor and flair like no other. Throughout his prolific 20-year career, Cam’ron has released seven studio albums and collaborated with the likes of Jay Z, R. Kelly, Noreaga, Big Pun, Jermaine Dupri, Fat Joe, Wyclef Jean, DMX, Kanye West, and many more, not to mention his Diplomats crew (Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Freekey Zeeky, J.R. Writer, Hell Rell and 40 Cal). During a recent interview, Cam’ron dished on a few things outside of music like his rumored lawsuits with Love & Hip Hop and the UFC, and his issues former friend Jim Jones. Peep the excerpts below.

On the Love & Hip Hop lawsuit:

I did a couple of episodes, but they exploited me like I was going to be on the show every week.

He never agreed to being a regular on the show and feels as if they’re going to use him, then they need to cut a check.

Hopefully this can be resolved outside of court.

On the UFC lawsuit: 

The UFC used Cam’ron’s song “Welcome to New York” as the commercial for the McGregor fight. No one ever contacted him to use it, however, they needed to get his signature and when Cam’rons’ attorney’s contacted the UFC’s attorney, UFC pulled the commercial, and Cam’ron stated,

They knew they did something wrong, if they didn’t do anything wrong, then why pull the commercial?

Cam'ron Says Love & Hip Hop Exploited Him [VIDEO]

Jim Jones

On his issues with Jim Jones:

I really don’t mess with Jimmy no more. Jim puts a lot of things out publicly. If you have an issue with me then call me.

Jones and Mendeecees Harris had a meeting to squash their beef, but when Jim saw the pic of Cam’Ron and Mendeecees,

Jimmy said ‘Oh, Cam’ron is taking pics with snitches.’ After that Cam’ron stated, I’m done at this point, I wish Jimmy the best.

On the cult classic film “Paid In Full”:

Cam’ron never thought the picture would have such an impact on the community, he remembers going to the audition and pulling out his real gun and told the hiring manager he really needed this part. He stated,

I was only paid $8500 for that role and I would do it all over again.

On upcoming music:

I just saw Ferg in LA a couple of weeks ago, we talked even possibly about doing an EP, six songs and then touring it. I just did something for his project and did something for my project..but I might put out a mixtape next month.

Watch the full interview below.

By: @Kitty_Larue_37

Authored by: Kellie Williams