Keke Palmer Is Open To Dating Women & Men: I like whoever loves me.

Keke Palmer Is Open To Dating Women & Men: I like whoever loves me.

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer On Trey Songz Drama, New Book & Being Molested

Actress, singer and new author Keke Palmer is an open book, literally. This week, while making her promo rounds, Keke dished on her beef with Trey Songz, being sexually abused at the age of 5 and being open to date women or men. Check out a few experts below.

On growing up:

I think that people think that I am trying to show that I have grown up. No matter what I am doing. Because they want me to be a kid, I cannot change their perception of me. Even though people will see me and say ‘She is trying to be older’, but no I am just older.

Keke Palmer, Trey Songz

On her beef with Trey Songz:

I do not want to keep dragging on the situation, but I will say Wendy I would have liked to come on the show and see you, show a little more compassion and [be] less accusatory because the gag is — you was not there. My point is, that’s the problem — forget about the video. The thing is that we are then telling girls that it is ok to be in weird and awkward situations, and potentially sexually harassing environments and they should endure it and not say nothing about it.

That is why I said something about it because look it happens to me too. Like where is my makeup and hair where is my stylist. I am at the party I am having a good time, and that’s my whole thing it is like we have to start saying no when things do not feel right. I did leave but if I hid in the closet for a couple of seconds I mean what the hell.

Trey Songz

On if  she is still suing Trey Songz:

My thing is at the end of the day is, it has reached some resolution. I am not a hateful person, but I am the kind of person that is going to say ‘I do not belong to you’ and I am going to quiet the noise and I am going to find my voice.

On being sexually abused as a child:

Yes, she is a family member and she is very much still apart [of the family], I treat her very normal.  I was five and I think the weird thing about it is, that often we cannot name things in our life because they happen so quickly and we often have no knowledge of what went on.  My mom is very sad when she thinks about it because she is wondering how these things happen, you know how parents are when they find out things are happening to their child that they did not know about.

They are like ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’  My dad is like ‘Well you have come to your own understanding about things.’ She is my cousin too. She is only four years older than me; she was a young person too. Child on child molestation is real, this is the whole thing this was a child on child molestation situation.

On her sexual orientation:


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