Victor Cruz Addresses Side Chick Controversy: They all got curved.

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Victor Cruz On Life After The Giants, Lavar Ball & Side Chicks

Stepping foot on the green turf in the NFL is hailed as a milestone for many football players who are blessed to enter the NFL draft and get selected among many talented athletes from across the nation. Some of these players realize how far they’ve come and choose not to take it for granted. One of these sports figures who remains humble despite the challenges he faces in the league is wide receiver Victor Cruz. Though he received disappointing news that the team he has been with since the beginning of his career, the New York Giants, decided to give him the boot, he remains optimistic about his next move in the NFL. The 30-year-old continues to be a fan-favorite because of his character and humble spirit, while growing as man and schooling younger league players on utilizing their platform in a positive direction beyond the field.

The former Giant’s superstar views his former teammate Odell Beckham Jr. as a brother despite what went down in the past in Miami when pictures surfaced the internet with them parlaying with Justin Bieber, which may have put a minor dent in his reputation at the time. During an interview, Cruz was open about his side chicks in the past and politics in the NFL, while criticizing Lavar Ball about his handling of his son’s fortune with his formation of Big Baller brand and talked more about the tough transition from the Giants. Oh yeah, and we learned his pockets are definitely not hurting as a current free agent – his own show is currently airing on MTV and his shoe brand continues to reach more retailers like Marshalls as the latest one. Check out a few excerpts below.

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On getting released by the New York Giants:

It hurt to be real. I gave so much to them, seven years. It definitely hurt. But like every good group, like every good recording artist, everything gotta come to an end at some point. Your run gotta stop at some point. I was just grateful for them giving me an opportunity to come back off these injuries and play again.

On Lavar Ball’s Big Baller brand controversy:

That’s a tough one. In my opinion, I believe he’s doing more damage than good to his children… let your kid be your kid.. we haven’t heard Lonzo say anything. Let your kids live, and let them do what they want to do. Let them have their own platform, give Lonzo his own platform. I think it’s doing more hurt than good. [Lonzo’s dad] is talking crazy in his interviews and [is going wrong about] the way he’s going about relaying the message to the masses.

On controversy surrounding Miami party and his relationship with Odell Beckham Jr.:

That’s my brother, thru and thru, that will always be my brother. It wasn’t about me being a mentor, we talked more than anyone on this team about life, about things he’s going thru, about things I’m going thru. We talk about everything. So the Miami thing, it is what it is. It was seven days before a playoff game, it had no bearings on what happened in the game. The biggest thing was the picture. If the photo didn’t come out, no one would have known we were there.

On what team he wants to go to next:

I just want to go to a team that is a good fit for me that I can play and be a factor right away. I am not biased of any team or wanna go to a specific team.

On NFL politics:

It’s even more than you think. I’ve seen things where guys had incentives in their contracts to where they had to play 16 games in order to get “X” amount. That sixteenth game came around and they’d sit them. If they had a little ailment, something they could play thru, they would be like ‘look we think you shouldn’t play this game.’

On side chicks texting his fiancé and moving on:

Out of respect of everybody in that situation, I’m gonna move on. It wasn’t the easiest situation to go thru… But we moved on, we good. You know how that goes [side chicks attempting to come back], obviously a few of them hit me back. But they all got curved. I had to.

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