Adrien Broner On His Friendship w/ Mayweather: Life is too short to be mad at each other.

Adrien Broner On His Friendship w/ Mayweather: Life is too short to be mad at each other.

In a new interview, professional boxer Adrien Broner opens up about his friendship with Floyd Mayweather Jr., why he opted to leave his hometown of Cincinnati and his upcoming fight against Mikey Garcia.

On Why He Decided to Leave His Hometown of Cincinnati:

Ummm, well I just figured it out. Sometimes you get guys like me who just feel like, you know I am, no, not even untouchable, anybody can be touchable, but I am just a real one and I do it for y’all and I am just going to stay around and be around you guys but all I am doing is creating more snakes in my grass and you know now it’s just time to love from the distance, you know, now, I’m gone.

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I never got it until then. Literally this last incident is what made me move out of Cincinnati. Um, Floyd told me about three years ago. ‘You too big, you done out grown Cincinnati so people seeing you with all these nice watches and all this nice jewelry that a lot of people really can’t buy and it only creates more haters.’ And I was like, ‘nah man, all my friends’ you know and this and that, you know and I am backing them and as time went on and my name got bigger and bigger and I got more money and more jewelry and more luxury things and more cars that they can only dream of and then everybody started to envy me and look me up and down crazy.

On His Friendship with Floyd Mayweather:

Cause, I mean at the end of the day — you know our relationship is kind of crazy. It’s like really a big brother little brother relationship. We get into it, but life is too short to be mad at each other. So, we will talk and he will curse me out and I will curse him back out and after that, we will go on the boat or something and just chill.

On the odds being against him in his upcoming fight:

Cause, like y’ all ain’t went to go put any money down yet? Huh?! Y’all need to hurry up before that sh*t change because right now I heard it’s like 5 to 1. They think like, they think like, I guess these motherf*ckers think I am still in Miami and live with [Lil] Wayne or Nicki [Minaj] or something. Man, they tripping or something they need to go and tie their shoes up and put on some loafers or something. They tripping.

On If It Fuels Him When He Sees the Odds Against Him:

Nah, it doesn’t fuel me. It’s just funny because Vegas is going to lose a lot of money. They are giving me and my people a chance to get more rich. Umm, it’s just an opportunity that I have been looking for.

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Authored by: TJB Writer