Joe Budden Says Coronavirus Is A Form Of Population Control [VIDEO]

Joe Budden

Joe Budden Refers To The Coronavirus As A Form Of Population Control

Joe Budden recently shared how he’s handling the coronavirus pandemic while chatting with Lupe Fiasco. During their conversation, Lupe Fiasco jokingly observed that Budden looked as if he hadn’t left his house this year.

Lupe Fiasco stated:

“You looking real thorough with the beard right now Gray’s is popping out you look like you haven’t been outside in decades.”
Joe Budden responded:
“But I haven’t, I’m actually abiding by what did what they’re telling us to do, which is stay in the house. New York is f%@ked up.”
Lupe Fiasco then asked Joe on his thoughts about how New York and the Tri-State area are handling COVID-19.
“What do you think about that man? You think y’all gonna bounce back? Know you think it’s changed forever cause y’all got it the most y’all up in the world.”
Joe replied:
“We will bounce back. It’s just gonna be a slow slow process.
He continued,
I  believe all this sh*t is a some form of population control anyway.”
Lupe Fiasco seemingly agreed.
“I mean the population has to be controlled.”
See the clip.

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Authored by: Cierra Jones