EXCLUSIVE: Flavor Flav Reveals Ol’ Dirty Bastard Is His Cousin + Prepping New Show

EXCLUSIVE: Flavor Flav Reveals Ol' Dirty Bastard Is His Cousin + Prepping New Show

Flavor Flav, Old Dirty Bastard

Flavor Flav Reveals Ol’ Dirty Bastard Is His Cousin, Prepping New Show

Two names stand inexorably above the field when talking about hip-hop’s biggest personalities. The venerable Flavor Flav (the original hype man) from Public Enemy and the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Wu-Tang’s wild card. Flav was beyond over-the-top with his signature style that consists of the oversized clock and viking helmet. ODB, well his actions spoke as loud as his bars. The late Dirt McGirt has done everything from taking a limousine to the welfare office to collect a check to crashing an award show while on the run from the law.

In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND.com, Flav dropped a bomb on us when he revealed that he and ODB’s similarities are more than mere coincidence.

“Check this out I didn’t learn until after his death that ODB is my blood cousin. My physical blood cousin,” said Flav. He continued,

Actually I have three members of the Wu-Tang Clan [that I’m related to], I just want everybody to know this, my blood cousins are ODB, Rza and Gza. ODB has [the name] Cuffy in his family and I have Cuffys in my family. It’s a long story I don’t wanna get too much into it but I just want people to know those are my blood cousins.

Before his hit reality shows like Flavor of Love and Strange Love, Flav was part of an integral era in hip-hop and as we celebrate the 24th anniversary of the Wu’s seminal debut album Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Flav recalled the first time he saw the crew before they became one of the world’s most notorious collections of MCs. Flav remembered,

I remember one time we did a show together at this ballroom on 34th street in Manhattan. This the first time that I ever in my life seen Wu-Tang I didn’t know who they was and I thought it was a gang. I thought it was a street gang coming through just hanging out, until my partner Chuck D said ‘That’s the Wu-Tang Clan.’ I’m like ‘wooorrd?’ That was way before 36 Chambers.

As for his new show Flav is looking to get back on the air but this time he wants to do it on his own terms.

EXCLUSIVE: Flavor Flav Reveals Ol' Dirty Bastard Is His Cousin + Prepping New Show

Flavor Flav

“It’s called Flavor Flav’s Vegas I’m going to shoot it right here in Vegas and I’ll tell you why: Vegas needs a show like this. What is Vegas doing without a show like this? I’m gonna have live performances then I’m going to be interviewing the guest,” said Flav.

He added,

I’m gonna have a variety of people come through my show. [I’ll] have my boy LeBron come through my show, Steph Curry come through my show, Marshawn Lynch come through my show, Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart so that way you get the whole variety. I wanna produce this thing myself. I don’t wanna have to go through a major network to do this for me, and not only that but when I start shooting I wanna keep on shooting. I got networks calling me, wanting me to come do things with them but I don’t wanna do these with them.

Written & Interviewed By:  Jake Rohn

Authored by: TJB Writer