Jermaine Dupri Says Usher ‘Did NOT Smash Fat Girl’ Quantasia Sharpton + Quantasia Slams JD For Fat Shaming

Jermaine Dupri Says Usher ‘Did NOT Smash Fat Girl’ Quantasia Sharpton

Jermaine Dupri is addressing allegations that Usher was intimate with Quantasia Sharpton. As you know, last summer, reports surfaced alleging that Usher had been a carrier of the herpes virus since 2009 or 2010 and that he infected a partner with the virus in 2012.

Attorney Lisa Bloom & Quantasia Sharpton

One of the accusers, Quantasia, said she had unprotected sex with him after a concert she attended around her 19th birthday.

During a recent interview, JD was asked about Usher’s alleged sexual relationship with Quantasia. JD responded, stating that he confronted the singer about the news.

I seen it come on my phone and I was like ‘No way’. I ran upstairs immediately like ‘Yo’ and I asked him like straight up, ‘Please tell me, tell me the truth right now, did you smash this fat girl?’ He as like no way, there’s no way possible.

See the clip.

Quantasia caught wind of JD’s comments and posted a lengthy response accusing the music producer of fat shaming her. She writes,

Okay so this will be the last time that I address any of this shit cause quite frankly I’m tired of it. For one imma start off by saying that I have a fucking name. It’s Quantasia Sharpton, you ALL fucking know it. It’s not “fat girl, big girl, herpes accuser” none of the sorts. Address me by my name or don’t address or speak on me AT ALL. Charmaine tha Goddess @cthagod quite frankly I’m TIREDDDDD IM TIRED OF YOUR PALE FACED ASS. What you need to do is give your dermatologist donkey of the day cause she have you out here looking like a broke Michael Jackson. Sammy Sosa face ass. @jermainedupri are you insinuating that only Lil Bobs can like fat girls ? Are you saying that we aren’t worthy of acceptable male attention ?? May you forget that Drake was the one who said “I like my girls BBW”? Jamie Foxx admitted to liking big women, John Cena, hell even BILL CLINTON just to name of few. Stop trying to use someone’s weight as a joke. Just because you too insecure as a man and your dick isn’t big enough to handle all of our cushions doesn’t mean we have to settle for the regular randoms down the street. Fat women are not jokes, We are not ugly, We are not easy, We are not your fetish’s and WE ARE NOT YOURE SECRETS. Fuck you Jermaine for ever thinking that there’s “no way possible” but you know what you should know right, y’all all fuck each other anyways. A whole group of grown dookey dicks. Sorry, not sorry ????? (Allegedly) Fat Shaming at its fucking best. Can we see y’all fat ass mommas pleasee ?? And yalll obese ass grandmothers ???

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Authored by: Kellie Williams