EXCLUSIVE: Frank Ocean – Judge Denies His Attempt to Seal Records in Lawsuit w/ Dad

EXCLUSIVE: Frank Ocean - Judge Denies His Attempt to Seal Records in Lawsuit w/ Dad

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean – Judge Denies His Attempt to Seal Records in Lawsuit w/ Dad

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, Frank Ocean has been shut down by a judge in part of the legal battle he has with his father. On January 23, the judge came back with his decision and denied the singer’s motion to seal court records in the defamation lawsuit filed against him by his own father. The order states they cannot find any legitimate reasons to grant his motion and seal the court documents including the testimony given during the trial.

Here’s the backstory: Frank Ocean pleaded with a judge to block his father from releasing confidential information about him to the public, fearing he would leak it after losing a $14.5 million lawsuit.

On January 9, the singer asked the judge to seal documents from the legal battle filed by his own father. Ocean’s father, Calvin Cooksey, sued the singer for $14.5 million, accusing him of defaming him with a social media post. Cooksey said he suffered damages and was not able to sell his movie script as a result of the post. A bench trial was held in October and the judge sided with Ocean by throwing out the case.

In the new court documents, Ocean explained during the court trial he – along with his mother – had to testify in the case. Cooksey represented himself in his lawsuit and questioned the singer and mother about confidential and private facts relating to the singer and other third parties.

Ocean says the questions Cooksey asked had no relevance to the issues of the case. He feared his “purported” father will leak the transcript from the trial to the public which contains irrelevant and extremely confidential information about Ocean and his family.

He said he had serious concerns about Cooksey releasing the transcript, due to his extreme agitation with both him and the outcome of the case.

The legal battle was over a Tumblr post where Ocean recounted an alleged incident when he was a kid. The singer made the post in response to the Orlando Nightclub massacre by recounting a time when
his dad used a slur towards a transgender waitress.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams