Trey Songz Alleged Victim Says He Choked, Punched & Gave Her A Concussion – I’m Vomiting From Migraines!

Trey Songz Alleged Victim Says He Choked, Punched & Gave Her A Concussion - I'm Vomiting From Migraines!

Trey Songz, Andrea Buera

Trey Songz Choked & Punched Me So Bad, He Gave Me A Concussion Says Alleged Victim

Trey Songz’s alleged accuser, Andrea Buera, is speaking out publicly for the first time. Today (March 13th), Buera and her attorney, Lisa Bloom, held a press conference, in which she detailed what she says happened last month during a Hollywood Hills house party during All Star Weekend. She stated,

I was attending an after party when Trey began yelling at me, choking me, punching me and ultimately, he knocked me to the ground. While I was on the ground, he continued punching me. And he did not stop until his security guard pulled him off of me.

Her alleged injuries resulted in a hospital visit.

I had to go to the hospital because he hit me so hard I had a concussion and was throwing up from the migraines.

Speaking to the singer directly she continued,

Trey, you know what you did. And you know what you did was wrong. To those of you who stood and watched and did nothing, you know what you did was wrong too. Trey, I’d like an apology, I want you to get help. And although I’m not your first victim, I’d like to be your last.

See the clip.

To date, a judge has granted a temporary restraining order against Songz. The singer has maintained his innocence.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams