Moniece Slaughter Begs To Be “Set Free” from Love & Hip Hop Contract

Moniece Slaughter

Moniece Slaughter Begs To Be “Set Free” from Love & Hip Hop Contract

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood could be losing a cast member. Recently, Moniece Slaughter took to Instagram to vent about the hit VH1 show telling fans that she wants out of her contract writing,

I pray for the day I get a clean release from this show. Let me go free and clear in the name of Jesus, I beg you … Set me free.

The subtle-shade was in response to a viewer who apparently told Moniece that she hopes the mother-of-one doesn’t return for the upcoming fifth season because she’s a “waste of TV time.”

‘That makes two of us,’ Moniece fired back. ‘I hate this show just as much as I hate b**** like you.’

Moniece, who has been a cast member since season one, seems to have a love-hate relationship with the Mona Scott Young-produced show. In 2016, she threatened to quit, posting on Instagram that she wasn’t getting payed and the series was making her ‘severely’ unhappy.

‘This job ain’t payin’ us. It’s turning me into a savage it’s made me SEVERELY unhappy So I’ve decided to stop making time for it,’ she wrote.

As fans know, Moniece did not leave the show and spent season three feuding with everyone from Princess Love and Brandi Boyd to her nemesis Nikki Baby to blogger Jason Lee. Last season, was just as chaotic for Moniece and almost ended her relationship with her girlfriend, AD Diggs.

Moniece introduced fans to her new love interest in the season premiere but things quickly took a turn for the worse when Diggs’ BFF Tiffany popped up. Not only did Moniece and Tiffany almost come to blows on the show, but Moniece and Diggs constantly argued about the drama.

However, it seems that Moniece’s relationship with Dggs is still solid. To celebrate her 31st birthday last month, Moniece and Diggs posed for a nude photoshoot together.

The cast for the upcoming fifth season of has not yet been announced, so fans will have to wait and see if Moniece makes a return.


Authored by: TJB Writer