NeNe Leakes Cancels Shows Over Husband Gregg Leakes Hospitalization

NeNe Leakes Cancels Shows Over Husband Gregg Leakes Hospitalization

NeNe Leakes has canceled two of her upcoming comedy shows. Her shows in Albany, NY (Wednesday, May 23rd) and Caroline’s on Broadway in NYC (Thursday, May 24th) will not go on due to her husband, Gregg Leakes, being in the hospital for 15 days straight. NeNe shared a video on Instagram on Monday to explain the cancellations. She says,

Hey, you guys! It’s NeNe! And I’m doing a different announcement today than I’ve ever done before.

She continued,

First of all, I just want to say I feel very blessed, and extremely lucky to be able to do what I do! And I’m so grateful that you guys purchased tickets to see me everywhere.

Appreciative of her fans, she then elaborated,

I have to cancel my Albany, NY and my New York City Caroline’s show. Today marks the 15th day – straight – that Gregg has been in the hospital. I find it very difficult to stand on stage and laugh and have a good time with giving you guys your money worth – knowing that my husband is in the hospital not feeling well.

Even in the midst of Gregg’s health scare, NeNe praises how supportive he has been.

He has said to me over and over again, ‘Go on! Go out there! Do the show, I’m going to be fine.’ [But] I find it mentally very hard for me to do. Greg will be out of the hospital this week. He will be stronger. He will be better. Thank you for loving me!

NeNe also shut down rumors about an outlet having exclusive details about Gregg being in the hospital. In an Instagram post with a screenshot of the article, she attached a caption that read,

This is NOT an exclusive!! This is a ploy to try an find out what’s really going on! Well what’s not going on is…he’s NOT in the hospital for an heart issue, he doesn’t and has NEVER had food poisoning! By the way, who the fuck stays in the emergency room 15days? It’s really sad people like Radar won’t respect your privacy when you need it most?? #lifeoftheleakes Thank you to those that have sent well wishes and good vibes! Thank you to our family and friends who are texting us with thoughts and prayers.

If you remember, on season 10 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Gregg was admitted into the hospital for “chest pain and numbness.” Please send Gregg well wishes and prayers!

By: CaDarius Booker

Authored by: TJB Writer