Obama Netflix Deal – Some Threaten to Cancel Subscription

Barack & Michelle Obama In Talks With Netflix

Obama Netflix Deal – Some Threaten to Cancel Subscription

The Obama’s Netflix deal is getting a bit of backlash. On Monday, the streaming service
announced that former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama struck a multi-year deal with them to produce new shows, docu-series, and movies. Since the announcement, both the Obama’s and Netflix have received some backlash from conservatives, with some threatening to cancel their subscriptions. See some reactions below.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is known to have shown support for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential elections. According to reports, some conservatives worry that Netflix content will be to supportive of the Democratic Party and will show overtly strong support for the Obama’s. There are some people who feel that Netflix is showing favor to the Democratic Party by making a deal with the Obama’s, and for a streaming service that serves ALL, they cannot support a deal that will negatively affect their service.

By Jeanine Cruz

Authored by: TJB Writer