Fans Alarmed At Jaheim’s New Look [Photos]

Fans Alarmed At Jaheim’s New Look

Fans of singer Jaheim voiced concern for his health after recent photos surfaced of the New Jersey native. The platinum recording artist burst on the scene in 2001 with songs like “Just In Case” and
2003’s “Put That Woman First” but now in 2018, the singer (real name Jaheim Hoagland) looks different than many remember.

In a recent Instagram post Jaheim said,

Spent a full day in my homeland in the city of New Brunswick, it was like being in the twilight zone so much going on and everything has changed saw ppl I haven’t seen in years always good to see people or to eat at 5 star restaurant’s like (Veganized) they have really grand food & service and tastes so good. Tell them I sent you.

Some fans and celebs laughed and joked, while others voiced concern at the accompanying pictures’ of the “The Ghetto Love” singer.

He has lost some weight – raising questions about his health. According to Jaheim, he is vegan now, and the weight loss comes from his new healthy lifestyle. Despite the concern, he seems to be in a good place. On another post Jaheim said,

Traveling thru life looking from the inside vs the outside observing in and I’m enjoying the great adventures of JA-Heim I’m loving every bit of it yes my ups and downs now watch all my turns arounds trouble don’t last always.

Hopefully Jaheim is doing well. Be on the lookout for new music from the 40-year-old singer.

What do you think of Jaheim’s new look?

By TheDiamondKShow

Authored by: Kellie Williams