Evelyn Lozada Apologizes After Making Stereotypical Comment About Cast Mate, Petition Launched To Fire Her From Basketball Wives

Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada Apologizes After Making Stereotypical Comment About Cast Mate, Petition Launched To Fire Her From Basketball Wives

Since the airing of the latest episode of Basketball Wives on Sunday, Evelyn Lozada has apologized after making a racist remark towards newcomer, CeCe Gutierrez. While on their annual out of the country trip, the women traveled to Amsterdam so executive producer, Shaunie O’Neal can get a grip on her up and coming cannabis dispensary. As cast members, excluding Tami Roman and Jennifer Williams, sat down to have dinner, a heated exchange between Gutierrez and Lozada unfolded. Gutierrez makes a play on her Lozada’s first name and renames her “Evil-lyn” for verbally attacking her, Lozada responded by calling Guiteirezz, “Lee Lee.”

Lozada went on Instagram to issue an apology about her remarks. She shared an image of a paragraph which outlined how the remark came about, empathy, and noting that she apologized to Gutierrez.

“In the heat of a verbal battle things are sometimes said that are hurtful, untrue and totally out of character. It’s not cool – but regrettably it happens. I understand why many are upset by my derogatory, stereotypical reference of another woman of color – and for that I’m so sorry.”

She continued,

“I extended a heartfelt apology to my cast mate CeCe Gutierrez a few weeks back in which she graciously accepted. Moving forward….I have to do better.”

The reality star even made a statement in union of her initial paragraph. Hoping to the video would add some sincerity to her apology. She said,

“Hey guys, so I wanted to make this video following my statement because I know how impersonal statements can be sometimes. I wanted to publicly apologize to CeCe, her son, her family, my friends and family, the viewers of the show – anyone that was offended by my comment during a heat of the moment argument. Regardless of what was being said behind the scenes and how I felt, what I said was wrong. I should have never said that, that’s not even who I am and how I was raised.”


Although Lozada has issued an apology, a petition to have her booted off of the show has already started. A Twitter user began the petition, asking that Shaunie O’Neal and/or VH1 remove Lozada from the show for statement. The petition reads,

“This Racial Comment “SLUR” is unacceptable, especially from a show with a majority female and minority cast. Regardless of being black, white, skinny, fat, diabetic, gay, lesbian, transgender, ASIAN… It’s unacceptable to make fun of someone because of these things, and Ms. Lozada has done this on multiple occasions throughout the shows run time. The viewers of VH1’s Basketball Wives demand Ms. Lozada be terminated from employment indefinitely… by the Executive Producer Shaunie O’Neal or The Other VH1 Underlying Personnel.”

With a goal of 5,000 signatures, the petition has already garnered 3500 and counting.

Gutierrez spoke briefly about the airing on Sunday. In a tweet, she affirmed,

“I love everyone and appreciate the care, concern and support from each and every #basketballwives fan!”

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Authored by: TJB Writer