Mashonda Says She Never Called Alicia Keys A Homewrecker

Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys, Mashonda & their children

Mashonda Explains Details About New Book About How She Developed A Blended Family

While Mashonda Tifrere is known for being previously married to producer Swizz Beatz, she is also known for her part in the debacle of a lover’s quarrel which happened between Alicia Keys, Swizz, and herself. Many suspicions emerged about Keys being a home-wrecker, under the impression he and Mashonda were separated and no longer together; while others suspected Swizz led Alicia into believing he was no longer with Mashonda. As six years have passed, Mashonda is giving details about how the exacerbated love triangle has dissolved, and how the parents were able to develop a blended family.

Although Swizz has a total of four children, he and Mashonda only have one together, which is their son, Kasseem. In her new book “Blend,” Mashonda gives details about her real life experiences on how she moved forward with creating a “balanced family.” In a new interview, she reveals why it took eight years to pen this book and the steps it took to get to this place in her life.

How she and Swizz come to the understanding of a blended family:

We have accomplished something that our culture truly doesn’t understand. It’s a gift, from us to the world. Our children are going to look back, they’re read it and they’re going to be proud. That’s why I did it. It’s necessary.  It’s hard thing to navigate. You have to be so conscious and willing to do the self-work to get to the point before you can blend.

Swizz & Alicia

Her thoughts on Alicia Keys being a “homewrecker”:

I have never used that word once [homewrecker]. It was not a word I felt good about. We had a lot of miscommunication in the beginning, but we have worked through it. And when I say worked through it, we have set at tables together and discussed everything from the beginning up until where we are now, and we do this often.

What made them decide to co-parent:

When you have children, and they have questions, and you can feel their energy shifting, based on the energy you’re giving them. If you’re a parent, you know you have to make the change…I was like it’s time. I didn’t want him to grow up feeling the way I felt. I knew it was time to start making conscious changes and decisions.

Why she always allowed her son to see his father:

There’s a divine contract between the parent and the child. It’s not our right to take that away from them. It’s how it was designed. Parents need their children and children need their parents. And if one parent is stuck in ego and will not allow that to happen, it’s sinful.

How she experienced a public divorce:

I wanted to be validated. I wanted to voice my opinion. I wanted to people to be on my side, and there was no growth from it, and I felt really bad about all of it. If you look back now, it doesn’t look good. No one is going to evolve from that. You don’t ever think my kid is going to be 20 one day, and he’s going to see this stuff. I had done tons of interviews, running off out the mouth. I wasn’t thinking about the future, I wasn’t thinking about the higher version of Mashonda.

Mashonda’s thoughts on the letter she wrote to Alicia in 2009

She didn’t feel good, and thinking back, I don’t feel good about it. It was a moment in time. We had a lot of miscommunication. It’s just a past I don’t want to revisit.

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Mashonda’s new book is available on Amazon.

Authored by: Andre Palmer