EXCLUSIVE: Sheree Whitfield Does NOT Owe Video Producer Any Money, Says Source – He’s Unprofessional & Was A Piss Poor Volunteer!

Earlier this week, video producer John Carter accused Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Sheree Whitfield of running off with his money and footage after he says he was not paid for the She By Sheree commercial he shot.


Now, witnesses who were at the shoot for the commercial are speaking out, telling theJasmineBRAND exclusively that John Carter was not honest about his credentials.

One source close to the situation tells us that John Carter had expressed interest in working with Sheree for quite some time and volunteered to work on the She by Sheree promo commercial to help get his name out. According to the source, Carter was never promised any payment. Carter also provided the models, hair and makeup and videographer, but lied about how long he knew the videographer. He initially said that he had worked with the videographer before and they knew each other for a long time, however, the reality is that they had just met at Sheree’s home.

The source goes on to say that Carter is lying about having to go have the She by Sheree shirts printed and paying for them out of his pocket. The source says that they were a witness to Sheree sending Carter a Cash App payment for 15 designs that needed to be printed, and included a rush fee to have them done before the shoot. However, the shirts were not printed on time and only 6 shirts were ready. With all of that being said, it is actually Carter who owes Sheree the money for the remaining shirts.

He did not follow through with bringing or meeting the vendors for the additional shirts needed for the shoot. He kept saying they were on the way for hours. When they finally came, he did not have all of them, only 4-5 shirts out of 12-15 (bought and paid for by Sheree). But they were incorrect and had the wrong wordings, fonts… So, they were either not used or far far in the background where no one would notice.  I think only 2 were used even though they were incorrect they had to use far away but not sure if they made the cut for the video.

Another source recalls Carter’s behavior at the shoot itself. The source tells theJasmineBRAND that Carter and his models arrived 2 hours late to the shoot, causing them to lose daylight and because the videographer did not plan to shoot in the evening, the resulting footage was extremely dark. Also, there was supposed to be scene changes, however, that was not the case. Due to the tardiness, the entire shoot ended up being shot in Sheree’s basement. The source says,

His entourage showed up over an hour to two late and weren’t ready for the shoot.  Models still needed glam! After seeing how horrible his communication skills were on the shoot, I don’t blame the models and hair and makeup girl because who knows what he translated to them prior since he lacks communication skills. Only one model and the videographer showed up relatively on time  buteveryone one else, the other models, hair, and makeup were extremely late and John  would just keep saying they are on the way. This caused us to lose daylight for a lot of the scenes that needed to be shot during the day.  John did not bring lighting to the video shoot as he was supposed to.

The source says Carter’s behavior was also bizarre during the shoot, revealing that he would drink alcohol while “on the clock” and record videos around Sheree’s home.

John seemed off upon first meeting him at Shereé’s video shoot for She by Shereé. He was drinking alcohol on the job the entire time and walking around her house recording from his phone! So unprofessional. He was all over the place almost like he was on something. Several of us had to jump in to help instruct and coordinate things and people because he was more interested in video taping and walking around her home, making people nervous and feeling like they needed to keep an eye on him!  He rubbed most of us the wrong way immediately.  Fast-talking, drinking, sweating the entire evening profusely, it was a mess!

Insiders accuse John of looking for attention and say Sheree is disappointed because his lack of communication, professionalism, and knowledge caused her to miss her September 30 announcement date.

He’s never had anything on television. He swears everyone steals his ideas. He’s a complete liar. He was a piss poor volunteer because HE wanted to work with Sheree. He was never promised to be paid. 

The videographer and his lady partner were very professional and nice. The models did good but everyone was frustrated with John and his antics.   They were even getting annoyed with John for misdirection and failure to be prompt and ready for scenes.  Beware! Do not work with John Carter, he’s unprofessional and unknowledgeable. 

To add insult to injury, not only was the video shoot a disaster, sources close to Sheree say that she had a hard time getting her footage from Carter, who would often give her the runaround. Sheree eventually had to go directly to the videographer himself and get the footage and was only able to salvage very little.

He over promised and under delivered. He promised a 10-15 min movie, a minute video for Instagram, still shots and behind the scene shots.  The source says she had someone else taking pics and thank goodness because she didn’t receive any of the things John promised.  The only thing she was able to get, because the footage was useless and the day was wasted, was this teaser which was given to her by the videographer.

John gave a deadline to her of when this would be done and edited and missed that completely!  He was lying the entire time saying that the videographer was his guy that does all of his major projects. However, after the shoot, it was told by the videographer that he never met John or worked with him previously a day in his life until he met him at her house and that John got his info from someone else that he saw his work from.  John is a liar!!

It looks like there are definitely two sides to this story.

Authored by: Eleven8