Kanye West Under Investigation For Battery After Grabbing & Tossing Woman’s Phone

Kanye West

Kanye West Under Investigation For Battery After Grabbing & Tossing Woman’s Phone

Kanye West’s temper has reportedly landed him in legal trouble.

Over the weekend, the “Donda” artist went viral on the way to his daughter’s, North West, basketball game due to a heated exchange he had with paparazzi and a woman photographer. During the first dispute, an irritated Kanye West, who was with his wife Bianca Censori, pulled his luxury vehicle on the side of the paparazzi that was seemingly following him and asked:

“[Do you] want me to be running up on your kid’s games like that?”

The paparazzi replied:

“Aye bro, what you want me to do? Everybody’s here. Dude, you know how it is every week, bro.”

Kanye West continued:

“I want to just see my kids.”

The paparazzi noted: 

“I understand bro, but it’s not just me. It’s a hundred of us.”

Kanye West

Seemingly getting more agitated, Kanye demanded:

“Everybody gotta stop when I see my kids. I don’t care how many it is of y’all”

After the paparazzi asked the 45-year-old how he would like to resolve the matter, Kanye said:

“You wanna hear what I want you to do? If I need to see my kids without you photographing me.”

Hitting Kanye with a low blow, the paparazzi asked:

“Okay. You can’t go home and see them?”

Kanye glared at the man as he continued:

“Like, what do you want us to do it’s a public place?”

The Grammy-Award-winner shook his head and added “It’s called human rights” before he drove away.

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The father of four had a separate run-in with a woman prior to attending his daughter’s game. Kanye appeared to be speaking to a photographer at a stop light when he noticed a woman recording him from her vehicle. After he approached her, he said:

“What I’m saying is, if I wanna go see my son at a game y’all ain’t gonna run up on me like that”

The female, who’s reported to be a photographer, disclaimed her empathy for the rapper before she responded:

“I wasn’t running.”

Agitated by the woman’s response, he continued:

“It ain’t running. Stop with your cameras.”

The woman tried to explain to Kanye that he’s a celebrity, however, before she could finish he yanked her phone and threw it in the street unapologetically. The photographer who the Yeezy designer was initially talking to took a few steps back and turned his camera off, seemingly trying to avoid being in the same predicament.

According to reports, West has been named as a suspect in a battery investigation after deputies from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department were called to the scene and provided video evidence of the incident.

Kanye West

After the basketball game, paparazzi spotted the rapper’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian and asked her:

“What do you think of Kanye hitting someone – the paparazzi’s phone?”

Reality star Kim Kardashian replied:

“Do not talk to me about that in front of my kids.” 

As previously reported, Kanye has moved on in the romance department as he recently tied the knot with Bianca Censori almost two months after he finalized his divorce from Kim Kardashian, 42. 

West and the Skims founder got married in 2014 after dating for three years. The nearly seven-year marriage came to an end after Kardashian filed for divorce in February 2021. The former couple shares four children: North, 9, Saint, 7, Chicago, 5, and Psalm, 3.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, & Children

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill