Sarah Jessica Parker Confirms A Major Character Would Have Been Killed Off in “Sex & the City 3”

Sarah Jessica Parker Confirms a Character Would Have Been Killed Off in “Sex & the City 3”

It seems that “Sex & the City 3” would have been a disaster had it actually been made. On a podcast, actress Sarah Jessica Parker – better known as the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw – recently spilled the tea on the would be third installment of the movie series. The podcast’s host, James Andrew Miller, revealed some shocking news about the alleged plot of the third SATC movie.

He said:

“[Mr. Big was set to] die of a heart attack in the shower relatively early in the film.”

He continued, detailing how the film would have played out:

“[The remainder of the movie would have been about] how Carrie recovers from Big’s death than about the relationship between the four women.”

Sarah Jessica Parker Says There Will be No "Sex and the City 3": It's Over.

Sarah Jessica Parker also confirmed that she feels the beef between she and cast mate Kim Cattrall is one-sided. Kim has repeatedly made claims that she has no interest in returning to the movie series nor having a relationship with Sarah. SJP told the Origins Podcast:

“I’m not in a cat fight with anybody. I’ve not publicly ever said anything unfriendly, unappreciative about Kim, because that’s not how I feel about her.”

Oop! Carrie Bradshaw has suffered enough in the name of Big since the debut of the show in 1998. Watching her mourn her beloved Mr. Big would have been to painful to watch! Maybe it’s best that “Sex & the City 3” stays on the shelf!

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay