Man Accused Of Killing Michael Jordan’s Father Says He Can Prove His Innocence

Man Accused Of Killing Michael Jordan’s Father Says He Can Prove His Innocence

Daniel Green, who has been serving a life sentence in the 1993 shooting death of Michael Jordan’s father, has long maintained that he is innocent. Green, who was 18 at the time of Jordan’s death, says he was not present during the shooting and is asking for a new trial.

Green is best remembered as being seen in a video rapping  while wearing the same NBA All-Star ring and gold watch that Michael Jordan gave his father. Green was also spotted riding around in Jordan’s red Lexus.

When Green was convicted of first-degree murder, his friend, Larry Demery, testified in court that Green was the one that pulled the trigger in a robbery-gone-wrong. Demery is also serving a life sentence but Green tells a completely different story.

According to Green, he and Demery were at a cookout but Demery left the festivities to facilitate a drug deal. Green declined to accompany Demery because he was with a girl at the cookout who “was kissing on” him. Demery left and hours later, returned to tell Green that he approached Jordan at a motel parking lot because he mistakenly thought Jordan was the drug connection he was supposed to meet. They got into an altercation and he shot and killed Jordan.

Green says that when he was riding in the Lexus and wearing Jordan’s jewelry, he was under the impression that it had come from a drug dealer. Green admits that he helped dispose of the body, but did not kill James Jordan.

I had nothing to do with this man losing his life, period. I wasn’t connected to the murder. I came in after he was already dead. … The way I look at it is: I denied his family the right to a proper burial because of what I did.

See the clip below of Michael Jordan appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show, discussing his father’s passing.

Authored by: Kellie Williams