Yung Miami & Boyfriend Southside Split – She Ain’t Never Getting Wifed!

Southside, Yung Miami

Yung Miami & Southside Split – She Ain’t Never Getting Wifed!

It seems like Yung Miami and Southside have already gotten tired of each other. The two were spotted in Cabo last week while on vacation, and had some revealing interactions with each other and their social media followers. For instance, Miami revealed her alleged new boo would beat a woman up for her, and confirmed within an Instagram Live.

Well on Tuesday (Dec. 19) Southside confirmed the two were no longer an item during an Instagram Live session.

These rap ho*s be lame as fu*k! B*tch, you feeling yourself, stop feeling yourself!

Presuming someone who tuned in to the live inquired if he still goes with Miami, he responded

Naw, ion go with that ho* no mo’! Ion fu*k wit dat ho*, I’m good! I’m all the way bool. I’m bool on that. Talk bout you single, b*tch. Nobody give a fu*k! Who cares? Nobody is going to wife you sweetie. [If] they see what you really look like without your wig on and sh*t, they’re not going to want to fu*k with you.

He then went forward with speaking about the vacation where the couple was initially spotted,

Fu*k that vacation! She paid for that weak a** vacation! Took me to that weak a** spot, sh*t made me sick anyway. My vacation cost a whole hunnit (hundred) bands, that’s how we get down. Stop playin’ with me. Ima show y’all my vacation.

Southside’s session of truth seemed to have been sparked after Miami took to her Instagram Story to reveal she was single again.

Authored by: Andre Palmer