Joe Budden Slams Future, “I Don’t Respect You As A Man”

Joe Budden Slams Future, “I Don’t Respect You As A Man”

Rapper Future is currently still doing press rounds for his latest album The WIZRD, but there is one media outlet where he is not welcome—fellow rapper/reality star Joe Budden’s podcast. On the latest installment of Budden’s podcast, he directly addressed how he really feels about Future and why the Atlanta rapper was upset that he declined to interview him.

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After being denied a chance to sit down with Joe Budden and be interviewed, Future reportedly had some choice words for the Love & Hip Hop star, saying

“I don’t f**k with Joe Budden. He got a bad b***h, though.”

Naturally, Budden is known for his outspoken ways and definitely didn’t let Future’s comments go without a response. He took to the airwaves of his podcast and didn’t hold back:

“Why would I wanna interview Future? I don’t respect you as a man, n***a. I just like your tunes. It’s a lot of that going on. A lot of you n***as make great tunes, but ya’ll are trash, trash humans. I ain’t gotta sit and talk to you.

He continued,

So, now all of a sudden Future don’t f**k with Joe Budden and my b***h is bad because Future wanted to do an interview on Joe Budden’s podcast and Joe Budden didn’t wanna do it. What other reason could Future have for not liking Joe Budden? I don’t talk about Future, but guess what? He can have his reasons. In the great words of a great man, ‘n***a, so what.’”

Earlier this month Joe Budden gave his opinions on another round of comments from Future, when the rapper admitted that he stopped doing lean, but was afraid to tell his fans. He revealed this was also part of the reason he declined to have Future as a guest on his show. Budden said at the time:

“The way that my brain interprets the man that inspires an entire generation to do something, and then isn’t man enough to tell that same generation that he no longer does it. The way that I interpret that kind of man; that’s not a man.”

Joe then adds that this is part of the reason he declined to have Future as a guest on his show.

Over the last few weeks, Future has found himself in the middle of multiple controversies surrounding other celebrities. He’s sounded off on ex Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson, Wendy Williams and Jay-Z. At press time, Future hasn’t responded to Joe Budden’s latest comments, but given his track record, he probably will.

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By Danielle Jennings

Authored by: TJB Writer