Stephen Colbert Starts Petition to Have Cardi B Give State of the Union Rebuttal

Stephen Colbert Starts Petition To Have Cardi B Give State of the Union Rebuttal

How does Cardi B For President sound? Apparently people like late night talk show host Stephen Colbert think the Grammy-nominated raptress could actually pull it off. Cardi has been flexing her political muscle since the controversy of the federal shut down has taken effect. She warned her followers to get informed about how the government shutdown affects them. She said:

“@iamcardib Soo many people under my comments talking about I shouldn’t talk politics ,I don’t know what I’m talking about , I’m dumb ! Well I know alittle something something..I know 800,000 federal government workers won’t be getting paid till the shutdown is over and government assistants program are shutdown as well as in NO WELFARE , NO WIC,SECTION 8 .I know it’s a little boring to watch the news but it won’t kill ya to visit some IG pages of people that talk about what’s going on in our community like @shaunking @tamikadmallory and shiiieeett sometimes uncle snoop and Charlamgne be saying some shit that goes over ya heads .PAY ATTENTION !!! This can go on for months and it will affect our homes and Country .”

And she politely informed conservatives that she is more than capable of being politically savvy while twerking.

Well, Stephen Colbert acknowledged Cardi’s influence. He started a petition to have Cardi B address Donald Trump‘s State of the Union speech. Stephen tweeted:

“I am starting a petition for the Democrats to let @iamcardib give the rebuttal to the SOTU. Sign it by retweeting this!”

It’s since been retweeted over 42,000 times, and counting! Cardi feels confident in her ability to address the country. She replied to Stephen with this tweet:

“why not…I get straight to the point .Government shutdown over”

Would you put our country’s future in Cardi B’s hands? Let us know in the comments. 

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay