Toya Wright: F**k Anybody That Has Anything Negative To Say About My Daughters! 

Toya Wright: F**k Anybody That Has Anything Negative To Say About My Daughters! 

They say never mess with a mother’s children and that’s a lesson that some social media trolls are getting loud and clear thanks to Toya Wright. The reality star took a hard stance recently when she posted a thorough message on social media regarding rude comments directed towards her two daughters, Reginae and Reign Beaux.

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle star Toya Wright is riding high after recently celebrating her daughter Reign Beaux’s first birthday, but social media commenters are relentless on their quest to try and dim her happiness. In response to cruel comments left on social media about her young daughter’s appearance and the appearance of her oldest daughter Reginae, Wright posted dual messages on her Instagram account to shut down all haters and trolls alike with a warning.

Both messages, posted to her IG page and her IG stories, contained Wright’s thoughts about the false sense of bravery social media gives those who comment mean things about children:

“People are so f**king miserable. How can you talk about an innocent baby. Who the f**k raised y’all stupid a**es? I said I was not going to entertain the negativity but I’m sick of it. Social media goes too far. My kids always have and always will come before any of this s**t and I will not tolerate any disrespect when it comes to them. Bet the land on that! With that being said….F**k ANYbody that has ANYthing negative to say about my daughters. Now back to my regular scheduled program. #missmewiththecyberbullying”

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings