Adina Howard Stole Brandy’s Ex, Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men, In the 90s [VIDEO]

Brandy, Adina Howard

Adina Howard Stole Brandy’s Ex, Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men, In the 90s

The vintage tea between between singers Brandy and Adina Howard has resurfaced.

Based on a recent episode of TV One’s Unsung, Howard might have snatched Brandy’s ex, Wanya Morris, from her. Eek. The narrator of the series dished on it all.

“As Adina began working on her second album, she found other ways to get in trouble, thanks to a liaison with Wanya of Boyz II Men, who at the time was dating Adina’s platinum-selling labelmate, Brandy.

Producer Billy Moss also chimed in and shared what he saw.

Wanya met Adina and it’s on and poppin. When you meet Adina it’s on and poppin.”

Brandy and Howard ended up feuding over Wanya, the narrator confirmed.

“And that conflict caught the attention of Adina and Brandy’s label exec, Sylvia Rhone.

Howard was allegedly encouraged to focus on her music, and not Wanya.

Moss continued and said even radio host turned daytime talk show star Wendy Williams got involved.

“Wendy Williams caught wind of it and called Adina. And Adina opened up like she normally would. Except she had some choice words in there for Sylvia and for Brandy. That pissed Sylvia off, she was on fire.”

Comedian and friend of Howard, Joe Torrey also added his two cents.

“You can be a boss on your record, but don’t be a boss to the boss that makes you records or pays you to make your record.”

It became very clear that there could only be one queen in the castle. And Howard dished on how she was given the boot as well.

“I said something very inappropriate about the head of the label. And she pulled up the emergency break and shut everything down.”

Howard also spoke on being blackballed in the industry during a radio interview back in 2013. She confirmed it was her comments against Rhone that put a stain on her music career, but added that it was her choice to leave the industry because she felt like she was being taken for granted, and not properly compensated for her hard work.

Her beef with Brandy is news to most of us, but Howard spoke out and thanked TV One and its leaders for featuring her on the show. She didn’t speak specifically on the Brandy situation, but she certainly didn’t use her video to claim there was no truth to it.

Brandy hasn’t responded to the drama, and in case you’re wondering, as of now neither as Morris.

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Authored by: Char Patterson