Toni Braxton Reflects On Finishing Tour: It Was Good & Bad Days Having Stupid Lupus [VIDEO]

Toni Braxton Reflects On Finishing Tour: It Was Good & Bad Days Having Stupid Lupis [VIDEO]

Grammy Award-winning singer/reality TV star Toni Braxton is fresh off of her “Long As I Live Tour,” and has finally gotten the chance to thank her fans and social media following for their support. She relaxed in bed with her reading glasses and slight cough to make an intimate Instagram video. Toni said:

“We did it! Yay! We got through the tour- the “Long As I Live [Tour.]” It was tough- good and bad days having stupid lupus, but I couldn’t have done it without (coughs) you guys. I’m sorry, I’ve had this cough for a couple months. But I’m feeling so much better. Thank you guys so muchfor singing along with me- singing the songs that I needed to get through the nights that were tough. And I want you to know how much I really appreciate you. I got to go into the audience and see you guys and connect with you. My favorite thing to do is to go and say hi, and I got to do that, and touch you guys.”

Toni Braxton revealed how she’s going to spend her upcoming downtime now that the tour is over:

“But anyway, thank you for all your support – and for the next few weeks, I’m gonna gain five pounds. I’m gonna eat potato chips, and chocolate chip cookies, and I am going to watch Netflix, and watch my favorite show. I’m gonna get caught up on “The Good Wife”- the spin-off, and watch Martin Lawrence and Will Smith “Bad Boys” one and two, and wait for “Bad Boys III!”

She recently created a post thanking many of her team members for their dedication to her show, and shared that her sons – Diesel and Denim – visited her on the road.

Did you get a chance to catch Toni Braxton on tour?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay