Mo’Nique Alludes To Wendy Williams Receiving Karma: What You Put Out Into The World Comes Back To You!

Mo’Nique Alludes To Wendy Williams Receiving Karma: What You Put Out Into The World Comes Back To You!

Comedian Mo’Nique is the latest to weigh in on the rumors surrounding talk show host, Wendy Williams and her husband, Kevin Hunter.

Wendy Williams & husband Kevin Hunter

As you know, over the past few weeks, there have been unconfirmed rumors that Wendy’s husband has been unfaithful in their marriage, allegedly impregnating a woman named Sherena Hudson. It was also alleged that earlier this month, Wendy was rushed to the hospital after being found drunk.

The comedian reacts to these reports, commenting:

“What you put out in the world, comes back to you. If you are that person, that you seem to not have nothing nice to say about anybody, if you’re that person in your group that… Listen, you know everybody’s business but your own.

She continued,

If you’re that person in the family that baby when you call or come around they really want to walk out the room but they just tolerate you. We’re asking that we pay attention to the lesson. Because universal law, what you put out, is what you get back.”


She continues,

“It’s all about how messy I can be. It’s all about oooww, how can I crack on this person. How hard can I make fun of somebody’s down fall or appears to be that way. Are y’all babies paying attention?

Mo’Nique went on to say that what Wendy puts out in the universe over the years is coming back in full force.

“The lesson for me, that my ears are hearing is, let me make sure what I put out there is what I would want to come back. Let me make sure, I’m not so high on my ass that I can say or do, rip down, rip apart, tear down, whomever I choose to because it’s part of the business but now when the universe says, ‘Oh, you know it’s your turn ‘ We don’t pay attention to that, we just pay attention to the mess.”

She also pins the question,

“How many shows has Wendy done, with people who have problems with addiction?”

As previously reported, Williams announced that she is taking a week off and will return April 8th. She also stated that the time that she’s taking off was planned ahead time.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette