Scottie Pippen Names Couple’s 5-Year-Old In His Vandalism Lawsuit, Says She Damaged His Mansion With Crayons

Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen Names Couple’s 5-Year-Old In His Vandalism Lawsuit, Says She Damaged His Mansion With Crayons

A five-year-old was named in a lawsuit by former NBA star Scottie Pippen. He sued her parents, comedian Lindsay Glazer Woloshin, who goes by Alphab***  and Jacob Woloshin last year for $110,000. He claimed they damaged his South Florida mansion they rented from him. He said they ruined the cabinets and drawers, stole utensils and let their pets pee in the house. On top of that, he accused them of not paying the $30,000 a month they agreed to when they moved into the furnished, six-bedroom mansion after their home was wrecked by Hurricane Irma. They brought their dog, cat and a nanny with them. They put down a $50,000 deposit. The home was listed for $10 million.

Scottie Pippen

Now, their daughter is included as Pippen said she drew on the home with crayons and markers. He said in the lawsuit,

“At all times material hereto, Defendants Woloshin and Glazer were both the natural and custodial parents of their minor child, D.M. At all times material hereto, Woloshin and Glazer were charged with custody over D.M., and relatedly, responsibility for her conduct. While Defendants were tenants in the Property, they permitted D.M. to deface certain elements of the Property with markers, crayons and/ or cause damage of similar nature. As a direct and proximate result of property damage, and Defendants failure as parents, Plaintiff was damaged in the nature of repair costs.”

Glazer spoke out about her daughter being sued as well in a press release.

She stated,

“All jokes aside, who would have ever thought that Dennis Rodman would be strengthening relations with North Korea, and Scottie ‘no tippin’ Pippen would be the crazy one suing little girls?”

She also made headlines after she started a fake GoFundMe campaign to help raise $14 for the knives Pippen said they stole. The money raised would go toward helping military families.

Glazer said,

“With all of the publicity this ridiculous case was getting,  we thought it good to use it as an opportunity to raise funds for the Fisher House Foundation, which assists military and veteran’s families.”

She also trolled Pippen on Instagram last year.

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