Rah Ali Says She Felt Like She Lost Her Soul After Losing Baby Girl, Releases Maternity Photos

Rah Ali Says She Felt Like She Lost Her Soul After Losing Baby Girl, Releases Maternity Photos

Rah Ali has spoken out for the first time after sadly losing her daughter while five months pregnant on May 26.

She explains that on the day she unexpectedly delivered, she was suffering stomach cramps. But considering she was pregnant, she didn’t think it was a red flag. She said her concern was raised as her cramps got worse during the day.

“I called my husband and he rushed home. The ambulance came home and they took me to the hospital. That’s when they told me that my cervix was completely open and that my water had broken.”

She was only 20 weeks into her pregnancy but had no other choice but to go into labor.

“When you’re pregnant with your first child, it’s a whole mental thing just knowing that you’re going to deliver. Every day you count down and see [your due date] getting closer and closer. At five months, I hadn’t even come to the realization that it was going to happen. It was the worst experience of my life.”

Ali had to give birth prematurely at five months gestation. Doctors informed Ali that the baby girl, who Ali named Sanaa, had zero chance of surviving once outside Ali’s womb at just 20 weeks. Ali said,

“I held her… and she slept in the room with us until the morning when they took her away. I felt like I lost my soul.”

She said she and Sanaa had already built an undeniable bond while she was pregnant.

“Every single day, I would get up and feel her kicking and I would talk to her. Not like a baby, but like a person. I would say, ‘What are we eating this morning?’ Or, ‘Okay you’re getting agitated and feisty. I know you’re hungry and I’m going to eat something.'”

“Our bond was so strong. Maybe because God knew I would never be able to experience it. I just felt so connected to her.”

Rah Ali

Ali also spoke on her loss via social media.

“I want to thank every single one of you for the hundreds of emails, dm’s, text and calls. I never thought I’d find solace in that but it truly has helped me reading your stories and knowing I have your love and support. Working on finding my purpose again so that I too may be able to help someone who’s experienced this loss.”

“Despite the outcome, I still want to thank my friends for assisting me with this shoot. Your work wasn’t in vain, as we forever have the memories. Thank You @People For Your Continued Support #BabySanaa #ILoveYou

Our hearts and prayers go out for Rah Ali and her family.

Authored by: Char Patterson