Evelyn Lozada Reveals If She Would Date Rob Kardashian [VIDEO]

Evelyn Lozada Reveals If She Would Date Rob Kardashian [VIDEO]

Just days after they sent some pretty raunchy messages to each other on social media, Evelyn Lozada is now opening up about her flirtation with Rob Kardashian—and if she would actually date him.

Many were surprised to see Rob Kardashian and Evelyn Lozada blatantly flirting with each other on social media earlier this week—but based on a new interview with Lozada it may not be as far-fetched as you may think.

Stopping by The Breakfast Club radio show to promote the new season of VH1’s Basketball Wives, Lozada was naturally asked about Kardashian, her relationship with him—and if she would really consider dating him for real.

When asked by DJ Envy if she would date Kardashian, Lozada replied:

“I think Rob is a nice guy. I really, really do. I think he’s a nice guy, um I feel like he has potential for greatness and I hope he kicks kicking a** in the gym because I think he’s a nice-looking man. I would go on a date with Rob. Look, his mom is dating younger, he can date older.”

Lozada also went into detail about what sparked her tweet to Kardashian in the first place, stating:

“I have never seen his sausage, it just really started off as a bet. Like, I was dared and I take dares seriously. I’m like, ‘don’t dare me ‘cause I’ll tweet something crazy.’ So, we’re cool, never went on a date, I think he’s an amazing father, you know and I wished him a happy father’s day—and I said, ‘happy father’s day big d**k Rob.’ And he was like, ‘aw thank you, I bet you won’t say that to the world.’ And I said, ‘don’t play wit me ‘cause I would.’ And he said, ‘you won’t.’ And that’s what ended up happening. It was really just, I took a bet too serious.”

Lozada is currently single after ending her engagement to baby daddy Carl Crawford, and of course, Kardashian has been single since his extremely messy split from former fiancée Blac Chyna with whom he shares daughter, Dream.

You can check out Lozada‘s FULL interview BELOW:


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Authored by: Danielle Jennings