Tyrese Has A Message For Rappers ‘Let’s Get Back To Rapping ON BEAT!’


Tyrese Has A Message For Rappers ‘Let’s Get Back To Rapping ON BEAT!’

Tyrese has a message for rappers and this time it’s short and sweet. And it’s safe to say he’s not a fan of the current state of rap. He wrote,

“Dear Rappers, Please let’s get back to rapping ON BEAT!!!! Who the f*** are these engineers recording???”

He kept his caption simple as well.

“I had to”

It’s not clear who he was calling out, but he’s never shy about sharing his thoughts; especially on social media. Just earlier this year he had a subliminal message for an actor.

“I don’t believe anything you’re doing as an actor if every role I see you look just like you… Stop playin”

He’s earned the nickname #Cryrese and doesn’t mind.  He recently joked about himself:

“I’m out here living by best life…….. HahahaA….. people keep tagging me with my legendary #CryReses meltdown, if I wasn’t me I would of clowned me too…… when it dropped I played the “I just want my baby” remix song for my wife like 10 times….. honestly…. it was kind of dope…… Comedians who went IN!!! Wendy, Charlemagne etc….. #Donkey? #DonkeyEarned yeah… it’s ok… I love You Too…… I’m not even remotely mad I think y’all know me by now….. if I was, I would of went at you, I laughed and agreed with you….. I just wanna stay living my best life……. if you haven’t yet…. Get it all out of your system now 2018 is about to be THE most amazing year of my life”

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