Ray J Named Strategic Digital Media Consultant Of Marijuana Investment Group, BANGI

Ray J

Ray J Named Strategic Digital Media Consultant Of Marijuana Investment Group, BANGI

From music to television to tech, Ray J has been securing bags for over two decades! In 2017, he reportedly closed a deal worth $31 million to distribute Raycon – the electric transportation brand behind his Scoot-E-Bikes.

But, like many Californians, his latest investment is in the cannabis industry. As appointed strategic digital media consultant of BANGI, Inc. – he and fellow actor, Jackie Long, took to Instagram to promote MarijuanaStock.Org – an investment group specializing in a variety of marijuana/hemp-based products. His focus seems to be convincing common people that you don’t need millions of dollars to make a fortune in the marijuana industry. His Instagram caption read:

“@rayj Me and @jackielong checkin out Marijuanastock.org – 420 real estate is a diversified investment vehicle that acquires and leases specialized real estate assessing the hemp industry. I’m reading up on it now. You don’t even have to invest a lot of money wow!! As low as 200 dollars . I had to go check it out! You should too if your looking to invest or just wanna learn about it!! #Tech #knowledge #HEMP #MarijuanaStock #Invest”



The company’s chairman and CEO, Dr. Neil Parsan, said this about his reality star business partner in his first official statement on the partnership:

“Ray J keenly understands the digital marketing challenges facing the cannabis industry, and his visionary storytelling and leadership will further bolster the strength of our incredible executive team. We’re thrilled to have him on board as we continue to grow BANGI’s business, customers, and brand as a whole.”

Ray J credits his experience in the tech industry as his strongest qualification. He said:

“I am looking forward to joining this very dynamic organization and helping to bridge the divide between the millennials and Wall Street through my extensive social and digital marketing platforms at Raytroniks Media.”

Wiz Khalifa is another celebrity known to have found an investment home in the marijuana industry. He sells his own strained aptly called, “Khalifa Kush.”

Has Ray J convinced you to join his marijuana investment group?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay