Singer Janelle Monae & “Black-Ish” Actress Marsai Martin Are Cousins

Janelle Monae, Marsai Martin

Marsai Martin And Janelle Monae Are ‘Cousins On Cousins On Cousins’

black-ish actress Marsai Martin and actress and singer Janelle Monae are the definitions of Black Girl Magic. But who knew they’re related too? It turns out, the two ladies are cousins!

They actually just met for the first time a few years ago, and they’ve quickly become friends and family.

Martin said in an interview that she knew she and Monae were related and was happy when they two met in person after admiring her from afar.

Marsai Martin

“I admire so many things about Janelle. My family members would always tell me how we were related, so I was excited when we finally got to meet and say hello in person.” In terms of style, Martin says she often takes a cue from Monáe’s avant-garde aesthetic. “She’s so true to herself with everything that she puts on. And she can also pull off things that no one else can, like her most recent Met Gala look. She’s definitely a big inspiration for me.”

Monae and Martin had an adorable chat with each other too. Martin pointed out that they met at a Golden Globes party a while ago.

“I was so eager to say hello because, as it turns out, we’re related.”

Janelle Monae

Monae added that the inspiration is mutual.

“Yes, my love! We’re cousins on cousins on cousins. You were with your mom, and she was naming members of my family, and I was like, “Oh my goodness!” I don’t meet many people who know about my small community in Kansas City, Kan. It was the best news because I’m such a fan of you and your role on Black-ish.”

Martin responded,

“Well, I admire so much about you. I love that you always stay authentic with your style. On the red carpet, you’re always in something that is totally different from everybody else.”

It looks like talent runs in the family!

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