Cassie Debuts Baby Girl Frankie Stone Fine: She’s Just Different [Photos]

Cassie Debuts Baby Girl Frankie Stone Fine: She’s Just Different [Photos]

Cassie and her husband Alex Fine have officially announced their baby girl. Both shared the news on social media. The new parents each covered her face, but gave the public a glimpse of their newest addition.

Cassie has been open about the emotions she’s experienced over becoming a mom. She previously said,

“In today’s world, it’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing; so I want her to grow-up to feel confident in who she is and stay her course. I hope to help guide her in this by always being supportive and listening. Kids say what is on their minds; sometimes, it just may not be directly. I think that it’s our job, as parents, to tune in and pay attention to what they’re thinking and how they feel.

My husband is continuously saying that he wants her to play sports and be tough and I, of course, want her to take ballet (ha!), but at the end of the day, she’s going to be whomever she wants to be, and we need to encourage and support that. I mean, who knows, maybe she’ll be a football-playing ballerina!”

Cassie and Alex Fine first announced news of their baby in June.

The two married in an intimate ceremony in September.

Cassie and Alex Fine wedding

Alex Fine and Cassie

Cassie, Alex Fine

They went public with their relationship in December 2018.

Cassie, Alex Fine

Congrats Cassie and Alex!

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