Swizz Beatz Baby Mama Shares Explosive Texts Allegedly From Producer + Says She’s Afraid For Her Life

Jahna Sebastian, Swizz Beatz

Swizz Beatz Baby Mama Shares Explosive Texts Allegedly From Producer + Says She’s Afraid For Her Life

Jahna Sebastian, the mother of Swizz Beatz 11-year-old daughter Nicole, said she’s experienced the downside of being a celebrity on social media.

She took to Instagram to reveal that ever since she called out Swizz Beatz on Instagram late last year, she’s received threats and other disturbing messages, to the point where she fears for her life.

She posted screenshots of social media reactions to her previous posts.

She also shared text messages that appear to be from the producer.

She called out Swizz Beatz’s wife Alicia Keys in the caption and said the singer is “aware”.

“Due to violent threats, I am now forced to post this. Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys husband and her fan base have been threatening me. His wife, who is supposed to be ‘pro women’ is aware of this. I fear for my life and safety. I am alone with Nicole and the only way to protect myself is to let everyone know. It’s the public that enabled them to put people down in the first place.”

She added that she’s been suffering alleged abuse from Swizz Beatz for a decade.

“It’s been long ten years of abuse, misogyny and disrespect from these two people. Scroll through to see, why it is so hard to speak to them.They think money gives them the right to put mothers down and treat them whichever way they want. Nicole is 11, not 18. The same week he claimed publicly to call any time, in reality he told to never talk to him again, shutting me down, sending hate. l gifs mocking appearance, racist gifs mocking my culture. This is how women are treated in this family.”

She also shared tweets from Alicia Keys’ engineer Ann Mincieli, who suggested that Alicia Keys would be dropping a diss track.

Jahna Sebastian wrote:

“Also his wife’s ‘pro women’ engineer Ann is also attacking. I don’t even know her. I will speak as I must now.”

She continued,

“Just because I am in the minority as a woman of color, an immigrant who was a refugee in the UK and eventually became British Citizen without any help; just because I have no family in the UK apart from my daughter; just because I am a single mother, does not mean I can be humiliated, bullied, threatened or harassed. Even if it is coming from a group of people. They claim to be a part of the movement of women empowerment.”

“Who in their right mind threatens the mother of their child publicly on social media like that? Promoting violence against a woman, a mother of your child, is very low and unmanly, to say the least. His post also is popularizing the idea of violence against the mother of the child, which is on one hand, aggravating the public to think it’s okay to do so, in case they want to win their idol’s favor, on another hand, sets a bad example to men. He posted it to millions of people publicly. Threats like this could potentially put in danger not only me, but my daughter, as she is with me walking down these streets. I have been raising my daughter alone, for the first two years without child support. I have achieved everything myself.”

See her caption below.

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