Love & Hip Hop’s Lyrica Anderson Denies Having Herpes Cold Sores [VIDEO]

Love & Hip-Hop’s Lyrica Anderson Denies Having Herpes

Reality star Lyrica Anderson took to her Instagram on Friday (March 20th) to address rumors she allegedly contracted herpes.

The ‘Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood,’ star recently shared a quick selfie that appears to have a small sore on her upper lip. Soon after, Lyrica addressed any confusion. In her video, Lyrica made sure she zoomed in with a close up of her face and lips. She begins saying,

Nice try, hating a** b*tches. No herpes here, cold sore here boo, boo. Okay.”

She explains what some was assumed a sore on her lip,

“I had lipstick on earlier, and I put lip gloss over it and it got stuck. So that’s what that was. Okay. Haters are going to hate. Kiss my a**.”

The reality star follows up her first video with a second clip of her in a sexy leopard print dress. In the second video, she says she doesn’t understand the need to be negative,

“I don’t understand why, b*tches don’t want you to be great.”

The LHHH star is coming off a very touching and emotional season with her estranged husband, A1 Bentley. During last season, the singer confronted her husband’s mistress, Summer Bunni who admitted to sleeping with the super producer on multiple occasions.

“I want you to know the truth. I never came on to A1. He came on to me. It’s true – me and A1 have had something.”

When Lyrica asked Summer Bunni to specify the “something” that took place with her husband, she replied:

“We have had sex…it was multiple times. Please understand how this feels on my end to come to you.”

At the LHHH epic reunion, tensions between Lyrica and her husband were at an all time high as the couple tearful discussed their love for one another after the cheating allegations.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette