Halle Berry Forced To Shave Parts Of Daughters’ Head

Halle Berry

Halle Berry Forced To Shave Parts Of Daughters’ Head After It Became Tangled During Quarantine

Quarantine or no quarantine, always remember to “Brush Your Hair”. Actress Halle Berry recently video chatted with Jimmy Fallon, in which she discussed having to shave parts of her daughter’s hair after it became tangled. In the conversation Jimmy Fallon mentioned to Halle Berry

“You told me that you had one thing happen with your daughter.”

Jimmy Fallon then asked Halle Berry:

“What happened with her – it involved her hair.”

Halle Berry responds

“So, we are swimming everyday[…] We get out of the pool. And my daughter’s 12. And so every time I go to comb her hair, she’s like “No, don’t touch me. I can handle it. I’m a tween. I don’t need you to brush my hair.””

She continues,

“So, I’m like cool, I won’t touch you hair. Two nights ago, we’re doing homework together. And she says, ‘Mom, don’t be mad at me.'”

Jimmy Fallon and Halle Berry are then interrupted by Jimmy’s daughter, Winnie, who comes to her dad as she calls out for him.


Halle would soon continue with the story after a brief greeting with Winnie.

“We’re doing her homework the other night. And she goes, “Mom I’m scared to tell you this. But, like touch the back of my head.” All her hair, which is, like, past her shoulders, has shrunken up into a tight ball that feels like matted fur. Like, I can’t even get my finger in it. And I’m pulling, and it like — And she’s screaming…And I’m trying to stay calm. Like, Okay, this is cool. Let’s just go in the shower , put some conditioner on it. And, just– this is going to be cool.”

Halle then said:

“Get in the shower. 30 minutes later, it’s getting tighter.”

Jimmy responds:

“Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, oh, no. Who do you– Don’t tell even tell me. What–“

Halle interjects:

“I had to shave it off.”

Shocked by the statement, Jimmy responds:

“You did not. No! Just shaved it off […] Was she cool with that?”

Halle shares that her daughter was not happy with the cut.

“She was not cool with that. But it was our only option […] But now, like, she gets it. I was like First of all, maybe you’ll let your mother help you. And second of all, you’ve learned you got to brush your hair, dawg, like, every day. You got to brush your hair.”

And she’s like, “We’re in quarantine. We’re not going anywhere. So why did I have to brush my hair?” I said, this is why you have to brush your hair, so you don’t have a big ball.”

Watch the entire conversation, below.


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Authored by: Cierra Jones