Megan Thee Stallion Cries While Discussing Beyonce Collab & Late Mother: It’s A Really Big Thing [VIDEO]

Megan Thee Stallion Cries While Discussing Beyonce Collab & Late Mother: It’s A Really Big Thing [VIDEO]

Rapper Megan thee Stallion was just as shook as most of us about her “Savage” remix with Beyonce. The rapper went on IG Live Wednesday (April 29) and listened to the hit song, which quickly went viral after its release. As Megan was on live, she began to reflect on the remix and her late mom. In the video Megan thee Stallion states,

” Like I really could’t believe it. it’s really crazy because my momma was a really huge fan of Beyonce and she used to make me watch a lot of Beyonce stuff. When I met her I was like “oh my god” and I didn’t want to be like “oh my god Beyonce me and my momma love you like this sh*t is crazy and I can’t believe we meeting you”. For Beyonce to even do a song with me, I really only been out for like 2 years this is the beginning of year number 2, like Beyonce? Beyonce! It’s really crazy. They told me that Beyonce was gonna get on “Savage” I was like shut the f*** up y’all are lying. I feel like it’s a really big thing, its like a big thing for the city [Houston], its a really big thing for the south side. Which bi**h you know from Houston, Texas from the motherf*****g south side really doing s**t like that?”

It was recently reported that Beyonce is featured on Megan Thee Stallion’s official “Savage” remix. The original song is featured on the 25-year-old rapper’s Suga project. On the track Beyonce rhymes:

I just raise my price

I’ma boss, I’ma leader, I pull up in my two-seater
And my mama was a savage, ni**a
Got this sh*t from Tina

Both artists are from Houston and all proceeds from the track will benefit Bread of Life Houston’s COVID-19 relief efforts in their hometown.

Megan Thee Stallion teased the song on social media writing:

“I’m literally crying being from HOUSTON MF TEXAS this sh*t means EVERYTHING to me !!!! SAVAGE REMIX FT THE QUEEN @BEYONCE OUT NOW! All the artist proceeds of the song goes to @breadoflifehou to support our city during this pandemic! HOTTIES WE UP”
Here is Megan celebrating the track:

Megan’s mom Holly Thomas passed away last year from a long battle with brain cancer. Holly, too, had rap dreams and endured a long battle with a cancerous brain tumor before succumbing to it in March of 2019. Longtime fans of Megan know that a large part of her success is her former manager – her late mother, Holly Thomas.

What do you guys think about Megan thee Stallion reflecting on her mom amid Beyonce hopping on the Savage remix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla