Ice Spice’s Younger Brother Recalls Opposing Team’s Student Section Wearing Orange Wigs To Troll Him During Football Game: ‘It Just Adds To The Competitiveness’

Ice Spice with her brother, Joey Gaston

Ice Spice’s Younger Brother Recalls Opposing Team’s Student Section Wearing Orange Wigs To Troll Him During Football Game: ‘It Just Adds To The Competitiveness’

Could you deal with being the sibling of a rising celebrity?

Ice Spice’s younger Brother, 17-year-old Joey Gaston, deals with that reality every single day. His sister’s, real name Isis Naija Gaston, career has caught the attention of many since she first appeared on the music scene in 2021. However, things really took off for the rapper the following year thanks to her single “Munch (Feelin’ U).” Since then, Ice Spice, 24, has gone on to release her debut EP “Like..?” and score collaborations with big-name artists such as Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj. She also snagged four Grammy Award nominations for the 2024 ceremony, which is set to take place on February 4.

Ice Spice

Some might feel a bit overshadowed by being related to such a successful person, but Joey is a star in his own right. The student-athlete serves as the starting quarterback for Iona Preparatory Upper School and last fall he led his team to the New York State championship. During a recent interview with Complex, Joey touched on what it’s like having a famous sister and how opposing teams try to troll him with her lyrics. He shared,

“It’s an incredible experience to be able to watch my sister become who she wanted to become. I’m a really proud younger brother. And I know that as long as I keep doing what I’m doing, once I make it, she’s going to be a really proud older sister. We’re just creating a path, you know, she created a path that makes me want to work harder.”

Joey Gaston

When asked if his opponents mention his sister when trash-talking during games, Joey revealed,

“Nothing too crazy but I’ll give you an example. I was playing in the semifinals of the playoffs, second half we’re getting ready to go on the field. I hear the student section like, ‘All right, he’s coming, he’s coming.’ They start clapping and saying ‘We love Ice Spice’ *clap clap* ‘We love Ice Spice.’ It was a cool feeling. Next drive I threw a touchdown so I went to the sidelines and I started clapping. I was like, ‘Y’all like that?’”

He continued,

“Defensive ends get a sack and be like, ‘You thought I was feelin’ you?’ They give me a little line or whatever and it just adds to the competitiveness because I’m like, ‘Watch what’s going to happen next play?’ It’s all love.”

Ice Spice

Thankfully, Joey manages to remain unbothered throughout the trolling, even when the student section for the team he’s playing against decides to wear orange wigs during the game, seemingly a nod at his sister’s signature hairstyle. He reflected on the crazy moment and said,

“Actually after that game, one of the student section guys gave my teammate one of the wigs on our way in. We got in the locker room and he was like ‘I got a surprise for you.’ He handed it to me and I was like, ‘Nah, no way.’”

According to Joey, due to her busy schedule, his sister didn’t get a chance to make it to his games this past season but she did watch when she could online. He added,

“She would actually text me before and after the games. She texts me like, ‘I know you’re killing it out there. I’m proud of you and who you became.’ Her being there and watching my games and being able to text me after sits in my heart because it’s like, I know she has such a busy schedule. It makes me happy.”

Joey Gaston

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel