‘Little Women’ Star Ms. Juicy Remembers Her Late Castmate Ms. Minne Ahead Of Her Memorial

Ms Juicy, Ms Minnie

‘Little Women’ Star Ms. Juicy Remembers Her Late Castmate Ms. Minne Ahead Of Her Memorial

Radio host and reality star Ms. Juicy remembers her co-star in an emotional Instagram post.

On Monday, April 27, the world of reality TV was rocked to the core when news started to spread that Little Women: Atlanta star Ms. Minnie (34), real name Ashley Ross, was killed in what was initially reported a hit and run car accident. After an investigation, it was revealed that Ms. Minnie lost control of her vehicle before causing the fatal accident. Her death was met with shocked followed by love and support for her friends and family. With her memorial scheduled for Saturday (May 9), her co-star Ms. Juicy post a tribute to her fallen friend on Instagram She writes:

“Girl, you know I usually don’t do this but today it’s an exception… I can’t express the PAIN I’ve been feeling this last week but I know it’s no comparing to the PAIN you’ve been feeling here on Earth but that’s all over now for you.” 

Ms. Juicy continues:

“We all want to ask the questions WHY WHEN HOW FOR WHAT BUT WHY??? You see GOD makes NO mistakes. So I don’t ???? Him!! I TRUST, BELIEVE, HAVE FAITH, AND OBEY!! So on today your celebration of LIFE I will remember all the GOOD TIMES We shared All the Memories We made all the way up until our last conversation the day before this tragedy event…. (The SMILES)

Ms. Juicy and Ms. Minnie have had epic fights during their time on “Little Women: Atlanta”, but they were always able to mend the situation:

“Just like sisters We’ve had some bad days but more good than badd… I can’t remember Not one argument we’ve ever had outside of work where time and space didn’t mend it! All the Trips the Conversations the Laughs the Crying to the Game Plan… The Show…. Life ….. and Our DALLAS COWBOYS…. It was hard but Girl you GOT IT!!! I LOVE and Miss You so much… I’ll remember the BIG SMILE that you had could brighten up any room. And your Shoe game was just NASTY!!!!
Our Motto: WHAT’S UNDERSTOOD NO NEED TO EXPLAIN!!!! Now you take your place w/ No Worries No Pain No Sorrows just Rest easy
My Friend… Now GOD TRULY GOT YOU…”

Ms. Minnie’s memorial will be held on May 9th via live stream on msminniemedia.com at 1:30 pm EST.

Prayers for everyone impacted by Ms. Minnie’s passing!



Authored by: Eugene Smilez