Kylie Jenner & Daughter Stormi Do The #FruitSnackChallenge [WATCH]

Kylie Jenner, Stormi

Kylie Jenner & Daughter Stormi Do The #FruitSnackChallenge [WATCH]

Kylie Jenner and her two-year-old daughter Stormi are getting in one of the latest digital crazes — the #FruitSnackChallenge.

The challenge, which has made its way to viral status, shows a parent putting a snack in front of their child, and telling them not to touch it until they come back. The parent then walks away and sees if the child obeys them, or eats the snack.

In Kylie Jenner’s version, she put a large bowl full of chocolates in front of a very excited Stormi and told her,

“You can only have three of them, I’m going to give you three of them.”

That was all Stormi needed to hear before she lunged toward the bowl. But Kylie Jenner quickly stopped her and said,

“Wait! You have to wait until mommy comes back. I have to go to the bathroom. So let me go to the bathroom, and then you can have it, okay?”

Stormi, whose father is Grammy-nominated rapper Travis Scottappears to be doing so good at first before she makes her way closer to the bowl.

Once Kylie made her highly-anticipated return, Stormi could hardly wait to jump in!

See the adorable video below.

Other celeb kids like Reign, whose mom is Toya Johnson also passed the popular test.

See more kids take the challenge below:

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