Trey Songz Exposes Man Who’s Allegedly Scamming Aspiring Models: I’m On Yo Head Boy!

Trey Songz Exposes Man Who’s Allegedly Scamming Aspiring Models: I’m On Yo Head Boy!

Trey Songz, 35, was not pleased when he came across a guy, Kristopher Powers, who he said is allegedly scamming models on social media while claiming to have affiliation with Trey Songz and other artists.

The father of one revealed to his 12 million followers that Kristopher Powers allegedly has a history of tricking women and that they should be careful around him. In a post, which was a screenshot of Kristopher Powers’ page, Trey Songz stated:

“I’ve posted about this many times before. This man is fooling women, asking for money for glamour shots and flights and people actually paying him. Young ladies I know some of you aspire to be models etc but if it look sketchy it probably is.”

He continued:

“Any professional video casting will come from a professional casting company, and you will not be asked to pay anything. I’m doing what I can to catch his lame a**. If you’ve been taken advantage of by him let me know. If you know him, let me know where he at. Ladies please be careful out here.”

He also shared a few more receipts to prove his case.

He then shared photos of Powers with the caption,

“I’m on yo head boy”

He followed it up with more posts of Powers and what appeared to be a DM from someone who confirmed Trey’s claims.


He also called out Powers for constantly changing his IG name.

“Boy keep switching his @ Ima embarrass you fam. You a maggot in human form.”


He then shared a news article of an accusation that Powers alleged sexually assaulted a model.


After several posts, Songz told fans,



Powers has yet to publicly respond to the allegations Songz has brought against him.

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Authored by: Cierra Jones