Michael B. Jordan’s Former House Assistant Claims Actor ‘Flirted’ W/ Him & Asked ‘Are We Gonna Kiss?’

Michael B Jordan, Amir Yass

Michael B. Jordan’s Former House Assistant Claims Actor ‘Flirted’ W/ Him & Asked ‘Are We Gonna Kiss?’

Former celebrity publicist, Amir Yass, went viral this year after exposing little-known stories about his former clients, like A-listers Jennifer Lopez, Tara Reid, and most recently – actor, Michael B. Jordan.

It was Amir Yass’s story about the 33-year-old on Heather McDonald‘s “Juicy Scoop Podcast” that raised eyebrows. Amir Yass claims Michael B. Jordan flirted with him while he served as his house assistant. Amir told Heather McDonald:

“So he had [the] ‘Creed’ body, [and] I’d walk around his house. I was the house assistant at the time, so I would help him move, and he’d walk around in boxers and no shirt. And he was so flirtatious- he would flirt with the wall. So he would flirt with me, he would flirt with everyone in the office – he was such a flirt. And I – being so young, I was in my twenties – just thought we had a moment. But I could be wrong.”

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Michael B. Jordan

He says his former client even allegedly hinted at kissing him:

“I was in his closet and he was just like, ‘Are we gonna kiss?’ And I was like, ‘Michael!’ And he was like, ‘I just like to josh around with you.’ I started twitching! And I was such a professional person – thanks a lot, Dad!…I was like, ‘Michael, I have a job to do.’ I went downstairs and started receiving packages. I should have received his package!”

As for Michael B. Jordan’s love life, he was spotted with actress KiKi Layne at the Sundance Film Festival last year and publicly thirsted over one of curvy rapper Megan Thee Stallion‘s twerk videos last month.

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Authored by: Miata Shanay